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Coffee and Audion packaging machines

Coffee is second only to oil as the largest and most widely traded commodity in the world. That’s not particularly surprising, of course, because you’ll come across coffee wherever you go. Coffee is a deep-rooted culture: the way it is prepared and consumed is often specific to a country or even a region. Coffee is more than a drink: it is the motor for meetings and conversations and it gives us energy.

What role does the packaging play and how are the various devices supplied by Audion Packaging Machines used? Over the coming weeks, we will explain the sector and the packaging machines it uses in a series of articles.

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Coffee consumers in many countries are demanding more and more from their coffee. Consumers expect a particular taste experience and are increasingly interested in the story behind the coffee – how the blend of tastes is constructed, for instance, and where the coffee comes from and how the coffee farmers are paid for their work. Those are just a few of the key questions for both the consumer and the producer. In short, coffee is an experience. For many years, Audion Packaging Machines has been the leading supplier of coffee packaging solutions that help retain the flavour and quality and above all play a part in a great overall experience.

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Coffee packaging: the function and the experience


The packaging used for coffee has multiple functions. First of all, like any other product, coffee starts ageing as soon as it comes into contact with oxygen. Packaging can slow down this ageing process. Techniques such as vacuum packing (removing all the oxygen) or inert gas packing (displacing the oxygen by adding another gas) lower or even minimize the oxygen level inside the pack, which helps retain the quality. But another function of the coffee packaging that is at least equally important derives from the fact that the packaging is an integral element of the experience. The packaging can for instance help create a perception of craftsmanship, or equally give a professional and industrial look.


Audion packaging machines in the coffee sector


In a series of articles, we will be examining how coffee is packaged, the various ways that can be done and the role that the coffee’s packaging plays in the overall brand experience for the coffee product.


These articles will be interesting for everyone who does anything related to coffee packaging at any point in the supply chain – from distributors, coffee roasters large and small to specialist coffee sellers supplying a coffee product to the consumer or commercial end user.


In the first article, we address coffee packaging at smaller coffee sellers, specialist shops and coffee roasters in particular. They often deliver directly to the consumer or small business user; craftsmanship and perceptions are key here. This is a target group that produces up to 30 packs of coffee per hour.


In the second article, we will be looking primarily at coffee packs in rather larger numbers, say 30 to 100 packs per hour. These packaging machines are used by distributors, larger coffee roasters, major coffee chains and retailers. In addition to the brand perception and the image, efficiency (costs) and quality are important for them.


In our third article, we discuss equipment from Audion Packaging Machines that can be used at larger coffee companies and the advantages offered by such machinery. These companies often operate as links early on in the chain and they want to produce hundreds or even thousands of packs an hour. These companies therefore often use a partially or fully automated filling and packaging process. For them, the key aspects are quality, efficiency and traceability. Every package must meet the requirements imposed upon it and the packing process itself is one in which continuity plays an important part.


In this article, we will shortly be explaining the benefits of Audion Packaging Machines’ products compared against other makes and letting you know what machines are available for each specific target group.


In general, we can say that there are always a number of USPs for everyone who is involved in packaging coffee. Audion’s packaging machines are always top quality, for instance, and they comply with all the European norms. Audion Packaging Machines also has a worldwide sales and service network and virtually all the components can always be delivered from stock. Above all, though, we believe that the packaging and the seals of the packs have to be of the very highest quality, both in terms of the aesthetics and the seal quality, so that the packaging can add value to the overall product.


If you are also interested in the role Audion’s packaging machines have in the coffee sector, read all about it with us over the coming weeks! Each week, we are offering you an interesting article about various coffee packagers, from large to small, and the Audion machinery that is most suitable for them.

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