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Partnership: BREEZE collective and Audion Venture into the Future of Medical Cannabis

What opportunities does the medical cannabis market offer? And why is packaging such an important step? This article explores how the strategic alliance between BREEZE collective and Audion is paving the way for a more efficient, compliant, and sustainable future of the medical cannabis industry. Together, the two companies will be attending the leading International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin at the 29th and 30th of June 2023.

Packaging Medical Cannabis

“The fact that Audion manufactures everything in-house is testament to their commitment to product quality and service,” says Nick Brousianos, CEO at BREEZE collective. “Which is exactly what we look for in a partner. We provide high-end solutions for each step in the process of cultivating and processing medical cannabis, and packaging is a crucial step to ensure product quality and consistency. Audion’s best-in-class packaging machines are exactly what our clients need.”

About BREEZE Collective

Brousianos, a Greek entrepreneur, has been working in the medical cannabis industry ever since Greece has allowed cannabis to be legally prescribed in 2017. His company, BREEZE collective, supports manufacturers looking to legally produce medical cannabis and provides equipment as well as advice to improve processes, increase yield and comply with the required rules and regulation. BREEZE collective and their sub-brand for the medical cannabis market, CannaBREEZE, has now entered into a partnership with Audion Packaging Solutions to provide customers all over the world with the company’s best-in-class, validatable medical grade packaging solutions.

“We look for the absolute best companies to partner with. Our goal is to grow and elevate the market while more and more countries in Europe legalize medical cannabis production and companies stand up to meet that need. We provide the equipment and expertise that is necessary for these companies to be successful. A large component of that service is to help them be compliant with today’s as well as the standards and regulations of the future.”

Navigating the regulatory landscape of the medical cannabis industry in Europe, or in any country for that matter, can be a complex process, given its evolving and disparate nature. While the European Union (EU) has not adopted a harmonized policy on medical cannabis, it does regulate the pharmaceutical sector and enforces stringent standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for medical products. Each member state, however, has the autonomy to regulate or deregulate the cultivation, production, and distribution of medical cannabis within its borders. BREEZE collective helps manufacturers navigate this complicated landscape and ensure their ongoing compliance with these (developing) regulations.

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Collaboration for success

Brousianos explains the value Audion adds to his clients’ business; "We are extremely happy to work with Audion and Theodor Todorov specifically. Since the beginning, they placed a lot of trust in our company and have been supportive, providing explanations, documents, brochures. We believe in this market and invest in it because we're waiting for it to become bigger. In Europe, the market is still developing and we have high expectations."

This partnership has resulted in a specialized packaging solution for medical cannabis. Audion’s packaging equipment incorporates a controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP) technique, using inert gases such as nitrogen to displace oxygen within the package. This preserves the cannabis' integrity, ensuring a longer shelf-life, a critical factor for medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis packaging: Validatable medical grade sealing

"And Audion has a lot of experience with validatable medical grade sealing,” says Brousianos. “Their systems offer a high level of customizations in terms of, for example, user levels and access, registration, safeguards, the sealing process, calibration and validation services. These packaging solutions allow manufacturers to ensure that the packaging of their medical cannabis follows the required processes and thereby conforms to the required standards and regulations.”

Two key packaging machine categories that he believes customers should consider are the Power Sealer PLUS models and the Validtable Vacuum Chambers. The PLUS is the star performer within the renowned Power Sealer line and offers high-class seal performance and the IP 65 version which guarantees dust- and humidity-proof protection. The latter is the validatable vacuum chamber which has identical features and options relevant to the industry. To make the optimal choice, it is essential to consider the customer's requirements and the specific demands of the process.

Audion IP65

In-house Manufacturing and Sustainability

Moreover, Audion’s commitment to manufacturing all machinery in-house and its goal of becoming a net-zero CO2 emissions company by 2030 adds another layer of trust for potential clients. The fact that Audion produces everything in-house, from motherboards to PLCs, allows them to control quality and offer the highest level of support.

"We manufacture everything in-house from start to finish. This isn't the standard for manufacturers of this type of equipment, but it allows us to control the state and quality of our products," Theodor Todorov, Business Development at Audion said. He further noted that their commitment to quality and sustainability translates into material safety, stable products, and compliance with medical and safety standards. “Our products have been used in highly demanding markets and by the biggest medical and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our packaging solutions are best-in-class and will help medical cannabis manufacturers raise the bar in their markets.”

The future

Looking ahead, the future is bright for BREEZE collective and Audion. As the medical cannabis industry expands, these companies plan to grow alongside it, securing their position as key players in the field. Nick shared his vision: "As the industry grows, we will grow with it. We are already an important player in the medical cannabis sector in Europe and Israel. We foresee the industry becoming larger, and as one of the leading players, naturally, our company will grow with it."

Attending ICBC

A testament to their commitment and expertise, BREEZE collective and Audion will be attending the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), the largest B2B medical cannabis expo in Europe, to introduce their partnership and showcase the Power Sealer PLUS IP65 as the premier medical cannabis packaging solution. Emphasizing his expertise, Brousianos was invited to be a speaker. His expertise in medical cannabis production and packaging will offer attendees valuable insights into the benefits of their integrated cultivation and packaging solution.

Would you like to visit us at ICBC or would you like to schedule a (online) meeting with Audion and BREEZE collective? Please contact Theodor Todorov directly via email or phone at or Audion phone.

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Growing the medical cannabis industry

This partnership between BREEZE collective and Audion signals a new era in the medical cannabis industry. Their advanced, integrated solutions promise to bring higher standards of quality, safety, and sustainability to the field, setting a new benchmark for companies in the medical cannabis sector. As Nick put it, “We aim to show the world that we can provide best-in-class products and services to medical cannabis manufacturers all over Europe. We are here for the future of the industry and to help medical cannabis manufacturers succeed.”

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