Special Engineering 720MVMED IP65 electric support

PowerSealer 720 MVMED for pharmaceutical applications, packaging bottles.

Equipped with two removable nozzles, 1 for the vacuum and 1 for the gas flush. To prevent contamination and to make cleaning easier. An ideal machine for the clean room. Because this machine is also equipped with an exhaust connection for the removal of the waste of compressed air and vacuum air.
The Audion temperature controller makes it possible to calibrate and validate the machine.

With the electric support, the height of the machine and the height of the table can be adjusted. Because of the tubular profile this support is easy to clean and  suitable for cleanroom use.

Equipped with the following extra’s:

  • Electric support, operated by touch screen
  • Worktable for support
  • External air exhaust
  • External air suction from valves and cylinders
  • Silver sealing wires


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