Speedpack SP16003 orderfulfillment extra wide funnel

Speedpack order fulfillment special with extra wide funnel for a company that packs medical items for different customers.

Extra on SP16003:

  • Extra wide funnel
  • Heavy product clamp and bag stretcher
  • Bag support table + lift
  • Bag on a roll sensor
  • End of film sensor
  • Handshake
  • Print signal
  • Foot pedal

Process of packaging medical items:

The items are automatically picked in the warehouse and put in a crate. This crate is transported to the Speedpack machine where the operator decides whether a small, medium or large size bag is produced depending on the amount or size of product in the crate. The batch number is scanned and the CRM system will send the personalized data to the printer that prints this unique information on the bag. The operator empties the crate in the bag and presses the foot pedal to seal the bag.

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