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Speedpack 550 Orderfulfillment HERO (1)

Conveyor ATBI

Inclined outfeed conveyor transporting bags from the bagger up to table height

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Audion SpeedBags

The ideal upgrade of your  bagging solution

This solid discharge conveyor transports bags from the Speedpack up to table height. For every bagging cycle the conveyor forwards one step. If required the ATBI can also be set in a continuously running mode. 

The ATBI consists of a horizontal section where the bag is dropped and an inclined section with a height of approx. 900 mm. To configure the conveyor to best fit your situation, the height and the angle of the inclined section are adjustable. 



This robust conveyor is constructed from stainless steel (AISI 304) and equipped with casters for maximum flexibility. The blue belt with dividers is made from food grade material.

The ATBI conveyor can be customized on:

  • Belt width (250/400 mm)
  • Side guidance (wood/ polycarbonate glass)
  • Interface Speedpack/ Standalone version 



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This makes your machine unique

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Seamless integration

The flexible configuration of the ATBI with adjustable inclination enables a seamless integration withing your packaging process. Whether you connect the ATBI to an existing conveyor system, or collect the packed products directly into a post container or pallet box, you are assured of ultimate user convenience and efficiency. 

Stand alone version

Besides the ability to use your ATBI with a control interface for integrating your Speedpack, the ATBI can also be used as a standalone version (no interface to Speedpack). This allows you to deploy this conveyor individually to boost and facilitate your packaging process. The blue belt with dividers and optional side guidance can be constructed in plain wood or in polycarbonate glass (for food products). 

2 size choices

Depending on your product dimensions, you can choose between two ATBI models: the ATBI 250 with a distance between the dividers of 355 mm and a height of the dividers of 30 mm and the ATBI 400 with a distance between the dividers of 425 mm and a height of the dividers of 20 mm. This ensures that your product is delivered safely and securely to the next step in your packaging process.

Ultimate flexibility

You can adapt the ATBI to your local packaging situation by adjusting the height and angle of the inclined section. Besides, mounted casters allow you to easily move the conveyor to another place in your production area. TIn this way your packed product moves quickly to the next step of the packaging process or preparation for distribution.

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The ATBI discharge conveyor gives you the following benefits

Ergonomic packaging:
Sealed bags can be transported to tabletop height for further processing or collection in a postal container or pallet box
Energy saving:
For every cycle of the Speedpack the conveyor forwards one step (continuous running mode optional if required).
Adjustable height:
Height and angle of the inclined section are adjustable (max. 900 mm).
Robust design:
The conveyor is constructed from stainless steel (AISI 304).
Food grade belt:
The blue conveyor belt with dividers is made from food grade materials.
Flexible deployment:
Equipped with casters for easy relocation. The conveyor can be installed in front, to the back or to the side of the Speedpack.

Explore your Options

Customize your ATBI intermittent discharge conveyor and make it work for you to fit your process. At Audion we are always willing to help and advise you.

Side guidance

Side guidance available in plain wood or in polycarbonate glass, food approved.

Belt width

ATBI is available in either 250 or 400 mm belt width. The blue belt with dividers is made of food grade material.

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International Sales

International Sales