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HERO Shrink CS-Matic 100


CS-Matic Orderfulfillment

Highspeed all-electric automatic side sealing & labelling for order fulfillment

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Audion film

When speed, ease of use and versatility matter

This all-electric high performance automatic side sealer packs and labels products of any length at high speed. The integrated advanced labeler provides clear printed labels on every package. Ideal for order fulfillment packaging and return process packaging. 

The CS-Matic Order fulfillment distinguishes itself from others on the market thanks to its high degree of efficiency, reliability, versatility, and eye for sustainability. The user-friendly product feed is designed for processing centrefolded coex-film. Automatic conveyors process the product for being packed in the right size and finished by a label.

CS-Matic Order fulfillment is equipped with special sensors for non-transparent film to determine the ideal bag length around the product and control the adjustable seal bar (PTFE-coated), allowing virtually any product to be packed at high speed, up to 4200 packs per hour.


The 7"full color touch screen facilitates an easy set-up and navigation through the interfaces, 50 program memory and clear readout of all process statistics.

A most versatile packaging solution designed for the demanding requirements in order fulfillment markets. What else do you need?

Get in the flow with the CS-Matic Orderfulfillment benefits:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Unlimited product length
  • Innovative technological features
  • Significant Return on Investment
  • Increased production capacity
  • Less film waste
CS Matic Labeller (1)
CS Matic Labeller2 (1)
CS Matic Labeller
CS Matic Labeller2
Csmatic Close
CS Matic Labeller3

This makes our CS-Matic Orderfulfillment unique

We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business

Electric Efficiency

When it comes to electric packaging machines it is the speed per package that is often mentioned. Through the years we did extensive testing as every packaging process has different requirements. With the CS Matic Order fulfillment it is easy to adjust packaging speed, following the needs of the product to be packed. All to increase overall efficiency and to be most flexible when order peaks come up. The more efficient your process, the more uniform and reliable your output.


Smooth Running Processes

Go for a smooth packaging process and ensure continuity.
In these exciting times, it is also possible to grow your business. Technological advances and new innovations lead to increased profits and new customer bases. Leave increased competition behind, meet higher customer demands, and create new challenges. Grow your business by integrating a streamlined process with CS-Matic order fulfilment.

Attractive Attachable

The kind of versatility this machine has is exceptional. Eye-catching features that invite you to make use of them. The colourful touchscreen interface and the overall playful-looking machine is versatile. It can be connected to a number of different devices, such as a feed belt and a shrink tunnel.

Top Performance

Reliable and easy to operate, these advantages do the job when packing at high speed. Compared to conventional automatic L-bar sealers, the CS-Matic Orderfulfilment can pack and label products of any length at high speed. The unique technology of the product recognition sensors that work seamlessly with the seal bars ensures a professional, continuous packaging process.

Let's get on with it

A reliable and clear sealing process that, through its continuous operation, allows a confident grip on your packaging goals.

This machine packs at high speed. The film glides smoothly around your products and secures them with a professional seal.

With CS-Matic Order fulfillment, you pick the low-hanging fruit with every product quickly and easily packed and provided with a clear label.

You save in the long run and increase both productivity and efficiency within your organization through an optimized logistic process.

The ultimate goal is cost savings and a happy customer. This requires continuous improvement, being facilitated by CS-Matic Order fulfillment.

  • Pack single and multi packs at high speed
  • Save with faulty pack detection sensors
  • Achieve insights with storage and readout of process statistics 
  • Automatic adjustments keeps the process running at right sizes
Csmatic Labeller Verticaalbeeld (1)


The Audion CS-Matic Order fulfillment gives you the following benefits

Right-sized packaging:
• Continuous side seal system combined with moving cross seal and trim bar allows for unlimited product length sealing and right-sized packaging.
Built-in safety features:
To ensure a safe and continued process the CS-Matic Order fulfillment provides many built-in safety features. Such as an emergency stop button.
Designed for heavy duty:
Designed to be up and running all day, every day. Up to 4200 packs per hour.
Fully electric:
This side sealer does not require compressed air, enabling you to position it anywhere in your production area.
Coex film processing:
Special sensors allow for product detection facilitating a keen product wrap around your product.
Numbers or settings:
Packing single packs or multipacks is just a matter of the right settings.
Easy operation with touchscreen control system:
Using the touchscreen with all parameters adjustable, the machine is easy to operate. With minimal training you reach big results.
User-friendly colour touchscreen:
Easy and safe control of the entire process. Realtime production data keeps you on track and ahead of time.
Clear use of the packing area:
The convenient trim collection reduces tidying up. Excess film waste is wound up and easy to remove.
Motorized systems:
Sealing bar and conveyor belts controlled by inverter and encoder ensure a reliable process without worries.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the CS-Matic Orderfulfillment with Audion film

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Explore your Options

Customize your CS-Matic Order fulfillment to your needs


Audion has various infeed and outfeed conveyors available to optimize your packaging process. The conveyor can be adjusted according to the size and shape of your product to create a process as smooth as possible. This will increase your production efficiency and effects the output in a positive way.

Punch hole:

When excessive air in the package is not desired, you can add the optional punch hole. In this way a punch will be made in every package.

CS Matic TE Matic Aanvoerband Combi

Let's have a chat

Do you want to know what the CS-Matic Orderfulfillment can offer for your company? Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to exploring together which packing solutions benefit you most.

International Sales

International Sales

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