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Speedpack Hybrid Standaard Hero


Speedpack Hybrid 400

Unique and most flexible bagger, creating bag lengths on demand

Interested in our Speedpack Hybrid 400 solution?

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Audion Speedbags

The Ultimate Flexible Bagger saving material & labour cost

This unique automatic bagger, is suitable for processing both tubular film and pre-opened bags on roll.

The integrated bag-making technology creates bags on demand, to deliver a perfect-sized package. With the ability to run bags as small as 5 x 8 cm up to as large as 40 x 80 cm, the Speedpack bagger offers extreme flexibility for your packaging process. The many configurable options and user-friendly HMI make sure that you work cost efficient due to labour and material saving.

You can feed the bagger manually or use it in combination with other feeding devices, such as funnels, conveyors, counting and weighing systems. The smartly designed bag loading system squares the bag open, making filling and sealing fast, safe and suited for a wide variety of products. 


You are looking around, searching for a (semi)-automatic packaging machine that suits your needs? A machine that can help you pack your product in exactly the way you have in mind?

Stop looking around and take a deep dive into the Speedpack Range and see what's in it for you!

You tell us your demands and wishes, Audion delivers:

  • Durability and elevated performance due to Audion's unmistakable signature of high quality 
  • Optimized output and versatility
  • Convenience & Ease of operation
  • Optimized efficiency on material and labour

What is your product to pack?

Speedpack400 Met Teller
Speedpack400 Sortingtable Optimizer
SP400 Orderfulfillment
Speedpack400 Optimizer (1)
Speedpack400 Funnel Pinter
Speedpack400 Optiweigher
Speedpack400 ETO17121
Speedpack400 Optimizer
Speedpack Met Product
Speedpack Safety Curtain
Speedpack Hybrid Standaard
SPKH Standaard 2024

Why Speedpack Hybrid 400 suits your business...

Flexible packaging is no longer a question, it's the new standard. Let us help you to grow your business with machines of high quality, a compact design and assembled to withstand rigorous manufacturing environments.

Exceptional Value and a Fast ROI

Having a machine that "does the trick" is not good enough! You want a machine that solves a problem. A machine that helps you save time, reduce your labour costs and increase your production. The Speedpack Hybrid can help your business grow in many ways. It is designed to work in virtually any environment. This makes it more than "just another packaging machine". It's your new reliable partner to help your business grow and prosper. Incorporating these values gives you control and peace of mind. You know your business is running smoothly as your orders increase. Start achieving rapid ROI today by using the powerful Speedpack. This way, you lay a solid foundation for future growth and other investments.

More than Speed and Versatility

Increasing your output is not always done by working harder or faster. Sometimes you need to think more "Outside the Box" instead of creating boxes. By using (evt. recycled/bio-degradable) LDPE film you increase your speed, reduce your carbon footprint and let your staff create more output. All at the same time. This positive side-effect creates a vibe that operators enjoy their work more and can do so with a good working posture. This results in less absence due to illness, while working in accordance with health and safety regulations. Speedpack Hybrid is very versatile and can be configured to perfectly suit your staff as well as your production environment. This way, you can work in a way that suits both you and your staff. Win Win.

Fitted Bag Lenghts

When it comes to working with this (semi-) automatic packaging machine, nothing is easier. They are designed to be used, everywhere and by everyone. Creating the perfect-sized bag for your product is done by just one push. Simple, Easy and Fast. Your Speedpack Hybrid creates the ultimate wrap, no matter your product. Whether you need packaging for a small or an extra-long product. The bag lengths can be adjusted on-the-fly for every product. This machine is easy to operate. Setting up the film is simple and quick, and setting your ideal bag length is just a touch of a button away. Now you will always create your perfect packaging.

Safety and Efficiency

Working with a packaging solution like Speedpack Hybrid, you experience the safe way of working. The built-in safety options can be configured fitted to your packaging wishes. Based on ergonomic evaluation it is safe to say that automated bagging systems are worth the upfront costs if they only prevent even one injury a year. Speedpack Hybrid has been designed for reducing waste and creating flow.


Speedpack Met Product

Speedpack 400 Hybrid

A Speedpack 400 Hybrid completely integrated in an automated production line of installation boxes.

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Speedpack Hybrid 400 Options and Flexibility

Creating a time- and cost saving (semi-) automatic packaging machine is what Audion does best. The options in the machine allow maximum flexibility with high quality, safety and reliability during (heavy duty) operation.

  • Easy way of switching from tubular film to pre-opened bags-on-roll (SpeedBags )
  • A footswitch for having both hands free during filling of the bag
  • Product Detection Sensor for automatic closing of the bag
  • Safety light curtain for extra operator safety
  • Handshake to enable communication with your automatic infeed systems
  • Label printer or thermal printer to label every package
  • And many more....

What is important in your situation? 

Let's get in contact. 


Audion Germany Speedpack Montage


Working with the Speedpack Hybrid 400 allows you to have the following benefits:

Productivity boost:
Switching from manual to (semi)-automatic packaging means packing more products with less effort, while experiencing high-class seal quality.
Bags lengths on demand:
Create your desired bag length for every product. Thanks to the integrated bag maker assembly.
Material saving:
The bag maker assembly accomodates you to right-size every package, saving material cost.
Flexible film:
Operating both tubular film as pre-opened bags-on-roll, depending your wishes.
More safety, less Injury
Speedpack Hybrid 400 is equipped with high-quality safety and efficiency options.
Ultimate infeed flexibility:
Suitable for manual feed and integration with robotic systems and feeding systems. Speedpack always fit your process.
Fast ROI:
Tripled output in less time values your money (compared to manual packing).
Time saving options:
Ceramic heating element helps to start up fast, the frame on wheels creates maximum mobility. Ready to do the work where it's needed.
User-friendly colour touchscreen:
Quickly creating the right sized bag, easy accessable recipes (50), clear readable prompts and alarm function.
Advanced software:
Integrated PLC with job storage, batch counters, packaging statistics, and login-in levels.
Wide Connectivity:
Interface ports to integrate counters, scales, and robotics.
Low maintenance:
Self-diagnostics ensure quick problem solving, off the shelf modular components for easy replacement and a quick service access to all pneumatics and electrical components.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Speedpack 400 Hybrid with Audion film

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Explore your Options

Customize your Speedpack Hybrid 400 bagger. Make it work for you to fit your process. At Audion we are always willing to help and advise you.

Table Optiweigh Counter - Make it Count

A counting and filling system allows you to fill and pack at the same time. The Table Optiweigh Counter consists of a table from which the products are pushed into the bucket with built-in counting and weighing system. Once the required weight is reached, the sealing process is started and the operator can prepare the next bucket, saving operational time.

Optimizer - to Optimize your Flexibility

The Speedpack Hybrid is designed for almost every situation. Whether you are filling, sealing and packing parts, food products, toys, fashion or medical products. An optimizer with conveyor belt eases the work of the operator. The products are picked out on the sorting table and, via the conveyor belt with dividers, detected by the photocell and automatically dosed into the bag. The speed and timing of the optimizer can be adjusted. As well as the direction of the conveyor belt and working height.

Film and Safety Sensors

Speedpack has many safety and convenience options you can add. All designed to keep your process running smoothly. Various sensors and safety lights let you know when your film is (almost) empty, a product is in the way or can prevent costly "stop time". An additional safety option, which switches off the machine when the operation of the Speedpack is impeded, such as a hand, is our safety light curtain. This prevents accidents and gives your employees a safe feeling when working with the machine.

Various Models and Versions - Stainless Steel, High-Speed

Besides the standard epoxy version, Speedpack can be constructed in stainless steel to meet hygienic requirements f.i. in pharma and medical markets. In order to get the highest output and still creating your own bags from tubefilm we can mount a high-speed console which doubles your packaging output. Especially convenient for small bags f.i. in medical packaging.

Packing With Optimizer

Let's have a chat

Do you want to know what the Audion Speedpack Hybrid 400 can offer for your company? Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to exploring together which packing solutions benefit you most.

International Sales

International Sales

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