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SPKH 550 Front To Back HERO


Speedpack 550 Hybrid

The ultimate bagger for versatile and reliable automatic bagging, enhancing your productivity 

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Audion SpeedBags

Innovative automatic bagger increasing efficiency and lowering material cost

This flagship bagger integrates innovative bagging technology and an impressive list of features and benefits to optimise your packaging process and flexibility.

Speedpack 550 delivers high speed, versatile and reliable packaging, operating either bags on roll or tubular film. Ultimate flexibility is gained with the integrated bag maker assembly, facilitating bag length variation on-the-fly resulting in significant material saving.

The impressive cycling speed ensures your products being packed at least 5 x faster compared with manual packing, optimising existing labor and warehouse space.

Speedpack 550 features the latest technology, integrating an high-end PLC for reliable and sophisticated control of your packaging process. All controlled from the user-friendly 7"touchscreen, integrating the latest software.


By implementing Speedpack you are ensured of the most versatile bagging solution compared to other baggers in the market. It can be fully customized to your products and working environment. A wide range of options can be mounted, such as f.i. printers, funnels, bag supports, product detection sensors, handshake, feeding or product discharge conveyors.

Speedpack 550 is packed with innovative technology that takes your packaging process to a next level.

Go Big with Speedpack Hybrid 550 and profit from the benefits:

  • Experience ultimate flexibility
  • Increase your operators output
  • Communicate with an ERP system and various coding systems
  • Pack in batches or next-bag-out
  • Enjoy advanced technological innovation
  • Realize labor & material savings. Fast, Easy and Safe.
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Airpress Device
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SPKH 550 Front To Back

This makes our Speedpack Hybrid 550 unique

Innovation upgraded from the original: bigger, better, faster and stronger

Advanced Technological Innovation

When innovation is part of your DNA, you can't deny the urge to improve your machines continuously.

Speedpack Hybrid 550 is the most versatile and technologically advanced hybrid packaging machine Audion has produced so far.

Its distinctive design radiates quality, ease of use and confidence.
Featuring a solid and modular design it is easy to integrate a wide list of smartly designed options to customize your packaging solution to your ideal local situation. Always with the intention of making your packaging process run even better.

With Speedpack, we celebrate innovation, while you celebrate your return on investment.


Generate Significant Savings

Speedpack Hybrid 550 has been designed with the latest technology. Every component has been selected with great care, ensuring maximum reliability.

The working frame is electrically adjustable, for easy integration with connecting conveyors.

The bag support discharge conveyor will be automatically adjusted to the bag length selected. All kind of human intervention is minimized, generating a maximum saving in labor cost. Only one operator is needed for loading the bag which can be automatically printed with information and opened in front of the operator for loading the product. After having sealed the bag it can be automatically discharged.

Strong Machine, Big Results

Minimize your total cost of ownership with Speedpack. Thanks to innovative and advanced technology operating sophisticated systems.

The modular and highly customisable design has been designed using the latest packaging technology and advanced engineering.

Speedpack is custom designed to meet the unique packaging needs of our customers.

From initial design, through prototyping, simulation and testing, up to optimal operation in the field. Speedpack, with all its technology, delivers better, faster, more targeted packaging solutions. These enable you to increase your throughput, improve quality, reduce downtime and improve your ROI.

Audion designs to achieve the max. So go for the best, go for an Audion.


Ultimate Flexibility

Speedpack Hybrid excels in flexibility and user-friendliness.
Being as flexible as possible pays off for you and your customers. Enjoy the benefits of full connectivity and a user-friendly packaging machine.
Many (integrated) safety, counting and weighing systems can be used in numerous roles, including robot control, in-feed and out-feed quality control and traceability.
Speedpack is designed to reach the ultimate degree of customization.
The degree of application and integration into the customer's processes is well-balanced in relation to the requirements and the degree of sophistication.
This way, each customer has his own configuration tailored to his packaging needs.


Think Big, Grow Your Business

Start simplifying your processes and reducing your costs today.
For yourself and your customers.

Speedpack has a proven track record and is known as a high-end bagging solution for many branches. Including yours.

Growing a business in a tough period means making choices. Instead of cutting down on staff to create savings, integrate a Speedpack.

Different types of cost savings are a fact when you integrate a Speedpack into your processes.

  • Labor costs
  • Material costs
  • Shipping costs
  • Fast Return on Investment


Speedoack 550 Hoogbeeld


Working with the Speedpack Hybrid 550 allows you to have the following benefits:

Unlimited bag length or the ease of using SpeedBags:
Get the best of both worlds and choose whether you want to fill super fast with ready made bags or go for unlimited bag length with tube film.
Easy Load system:
The easy to load opening helps you to bag your products fast and easily. The convenient bag opening square can easily be filled with shoebox sized products.
Accurate sealing temperature:
Be sure of a safe and secure seal. Time, pressure and temperature can be set for every type of product. Your perfect seal is always at your fingertips.
Ceramic sealing bars:
Time is money. That is why Speedpack is integrated with ceramic sealing bars. These start up in less than a minute. So you get straight to pack and don't waste time on warming up the machine.
Savings per package:
Using tubular film, you are always able to create the right-sized packaging. Your savings grow per package, while you cut down the waste. This means that your film rolls last longer, you produce less waste, your products have the perfect packaging size and it is much cheaper than one-size bags.
Bagsize change "on the fly":
Choose your desired bag length to make the right fit for every product. This principle is a real moneysaver.
Motorized adjustable working height:
Electrical adjustment of the working height, ensuring the ideal fit to your operator and local environment.
High-end PLC and software:
The integrated PLC accomodates job storage (50 recipes), batch counting, packaging statistics, log-in levels and a built-in seal-help diagnostics for troubleshooting.
User-friendly software:
The colour 7"touchscreen is easy to set up. Different user levels are integrated. In this way the machine can be operated by everyone while settings stay protected and only accessible to those with higher level authority.
Easy storage:
This model is equipped with wheels for extra mobility. A compact design that fits in every situation.
Robust and Reliable:
Speedpack proves itself over and over. This technologically advanced packaging machine can stand the most challenging environments.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Speedpack 550 Hybrid with Audion film

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Explore your Options

Customize your Speedpack packaging solution. Make it work to fit your process. At Audion we are always willing to help and advise you.

Safety Light Curtain

Safety matters! This option only starts the sealing when it is safe. Even when you quickly want to add an additional product. Your hands are always safe.

Film end Detection

This sensor detects when the roll of film is nearly empty and stops the Speedpack Hybrid in order to allow a changeover to a new roll of film. This prevents spilling products over the floor when working in automatic mode.

Carrying Handle

This option provides a nice carrying handle in each bag. Ideal for e-fulfillment market and consumer business. This feature can eventually be switched off when not needed.

Printing or labelling the bag

Both thermal printer and label printer are available to provide your packaging with product information, barcodes, addresses or a colored logo. With a label printer or thermal transfer printer you can print via a label or directly on the bag. Set it up for a unique print (next-bag-out) or go for a batch.

Operator Speedpack Orderfulfillment

Let's have a chat

We are always willing to help you with information or run a demo

International Sales

International Sales

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