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D 552 AVTS Small


Stainless steel vertical band sealer

Designed for heavy duty continuous bag sealing in vertical position

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Robust and powerful band sealer

The Audion D 552 AVTS is capable of sealing a wide range of bags like stand-up pouches, gusseted bags, pillow-type bags, sachets and barriers bags.

Due to its wide versatility and stainless steel construction this continuous sealer is suitable for application in various markets like food, high-tec and medical/pharma.

The sealing head can be tilted up to 90 degrees, enabling both vertical and horizontal seal applications. Both the height of the machine and the conveyor belt can be adjusted to optimize your packaging needs and accomodate the sealing of a wide range of bag sizes, generating extra user-comfort.

The easy to use digital temperature control and display enables precise temperature setting and monitoring and also features an automatic cool down cycle to protect the sealing belts and reduce maintenance downtime. Several options are available to customize this heavy duty band sealer to your product needs.

To summarize your benefits:

  • Easy digital control of sealing parameters
  • Operational in both vertical and horizontal sealing
  • Conveyor belt speed can be adjusted / synchronized
  • Adjustable conveyor height
  • Adjustable sealing head, also tilting 90 degree
  • Convenient infeed plate to prepare the bag before sealing
  • Automatic cool down function
  • Optional printer available
D 552 AVTS Small
D552 AVTS Side Closeup
D552 AVTS Side (1)
Measurements D 552 AVTS With Extended Frame Option

This makes your machine unique

We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business

Robust and user-friendly by design

Developed with a heavy-duty construction combining ease of use with ultimate performance and reliability.

Seamless addition to your production process

Low-maintenance conveyor belt enabling continuous durable high throughput sealing.

Engineered to maximize your product safety

Select from the wide programm of configurable options to create the best and most reliable packing and presentation for your product.


All wearing parts are easily replaceable with parts available from Audion stock.


Plug and Play

The industrial quality offered by the Audion D 552 band sealers lies in its robust stainless steel housing combined with the simplicity and comfort of use.

The digital control panel accomodates to easily adjust the seal parameters to the requirements of your bags (e.g. throughput speed, sealing temperature and cooling fan).

Both the sealing head and the conveyor are quickly and easily adjustable to ensure the best operation position for both your products and your operator.

The optional printer allows you to add personalised text and/or data directly to the packaging. Your product is then immediately ready for use, storage or transport to the next step in the supply chain. Click on the button below to watch the printer option in action:

D552 AVTS Side Closeup


The Audion D 552 AVTS band sealer gives you the following benefits

Stainless steel body:
Easy to clean industrial-grade machine.
Sealing position:
Vertical (standard) / Horizontal (by tilting the seal head with 90 degrees).
Plug and play:
Fast warm-up time.
Easy to Use
Minimal operator training required.
Versatile adjustment:
Both the sealing head and the conveyor belt can be adjusted to suit both the product and the operator.
Digital control panel:
Precise temperature setting from the control panel and automatic cool-down function.
Temperature control:
Automatic cool-down function.
Continuous quality:
Makes strong and durable airtight 10 mm or 20 mm seals.
Easy to maintain:
(Wearing) parts are easily and quickly replaced with parts available from Audion stock.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the D 552 with Audion film

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Explore our options

Customize your D 552 AVTS to your needs

Extra flap length above the seal

To create extra space needed when sealing bags with header cards or carrying handles.

Left/Right configuration

Standard the D 552 is running from right to left. This option makes the D 552 running from left to right. To facilitate integration into production lines running in this direction.

Double heating elements

Creating additional heating time needed to seal laminated (paper) bags with a strong and airtight end result. Further, adding double heating elements allows you to speed up the sealing process without losing seal quality.

PTFE Protect

Enables you to keep the machine on the set seal temperature whilst temporarily not sealing bags. For longer lifetime of PTFE belts the heating elements will be retracted when the machine is not in use. Prevents the PTFE belts from burning, facilitating a durable use of your band sealer.

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Let's have a chat

Do you want to know what the Audion D 552 AVTS can offer for your company? Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to explore together which packing solutions benefits you most.

International Sales

International Sales

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