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D 545 Bandsealer

The D 545 bandsealer is a flexible continuous bandsealer available in both vertical and horizontal design. Made in Germany, standing for high quality and durability. This band sealer has a temperature controller with a digital readout and includes an automatic cool down function. The integrated conveyor belt is adjustable accommodating larger products. The throughput speed of 10 meters/minute make the D 545 ideal for implementation in medium-duty packaging in food and non-food.

D 545 Bandsealer

Product information

D 545

The D 545 series are Audion’s most compact professional band sealers, made in Germany - when reliability matters!

D 545 AV Continuous vertical band sealer - to pack powdery or liquid products

Ready-made bags are sealed standing up, which is ideal for solid, powdery, or liquid products that would spill out lying flat. The sealing head is electrically adjustable in height (from the conveyor) to flexibly suit different sized bags.

Maximum bag length: 430 mm

Seal position: max. 45 mm between seal and top of the bag

D 545 AH Continuous horizontal band sealer - to pack narrow or flat products 

Ready-made bags are sealed lying flat, which is ideal for thin or flat products that cannot stand vertically and would fall over. The integrated conveyor belt is adjustable in height (to accomodate thin/thick packages) and can be pulled forward (up to 70 mm) for larger products (see photos). This convenient feature allows you to seal package batches of different sizes.

Almost all modern film types (including laminates) are effortlessly provided with a reliable, high-quality 10 mm seal.


The Audion D545 gives you as end-user the following benefits

High seal integrity:
An integrated temperature controller with digital readout together with strong pressure rolls facilitate accurate control of sealing, resulting in a consistent seal integrity.
Fast throughput speed:
Optimizes your production workflow (adjustable up to 10 meters /minute)
Equipped with PTFE seal belts enabling you to seal most modern film materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, paper- and aluminum laminates, header cards.
Memory feature:
9 process recipes can be programmed (including height adjustment/D 545 AV), enabling you to quicly change the processing of batches
Adjustable conveyor:
Facilitating sealing different bag sizes
Tabletop band sealer:
Compact heavy-duty design
Requires limited training

Everything-under-one-roof, match the D 545 with Audion film

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The D 545 in action

The D 545 has a fast throughput of up to 10 meters per minute. Bags are moving from right to left direction. The bags move between durable PTFE belts and solid pressure rollers ensuring a thorough and safe packaging of all your products.

This band sealer has a temperature controller with a digital readout and includes an automatic cool down function. Ideal for applications that require accurate control of sealing temperature for consistent seal integrity.


The D 545 is available in a vertical (D 545 AV) or horizontal (D 545 AH) version. The vertical model is well suited for packing items that can easily spill out of the package. The horizontal model is in turn ideal for narrow/flat items being packed in a lying position.

The D 545 is user-friendly and reliable; exactly what we were looking for for packaging our Wippy peanut butter
Mrs. Susan Tjong A Hung - Willemsberg Managing Director / Wippy pindakaas
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