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AC 2000 4 HERO


AC 2000 4

Motorized infeed/discharge conveyor belt

to optimize your shrink packaging proces

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For optimal worflow and consistent packaging quality

The Audion AC 2000 4 infeed and/or discharge conveyor can be used in combination with the Audion CS Matic 100 Continuous Shrink solution or El Matic L-sealer machines (EM 24 and EM 24H).

This convenient flat belt conveyor with a length of 2 meters contributes to a maximized production output. The throughput-speed can independently regulated from 7-30 meter/minute. 

Your batch production is produced with a consistent appearance due to the helpful guide bar to centralize your products and continuously produce simular packages.


To sum up:

  • Motorized conveyor for an optimized workflow and improved production convenience 
  • 2 meter flat belt 
  • Applicable as infeed/discharge belt for CS Matic 100 and EM 24 and EM 24H
  • Independent speed regulator 7-30 meter/minute
  • Convenient guide bar to centralize your products 
AC 2000 4 (1)
Panel AC 2000 4 (1)

This makes our machine unique

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Perfect integration

The AC 2000 4 can be installed directly next to your CS Matic or El Matic for a seamless integration into your production line. 

Consistent packaging quality

With an easily adjustable guide bar, you can centralize your products and continuously produce similar packaging while minimizing production errors.

Robust design

Sturdy design with a 2-meter long flat belt conveyor and epoxy housing suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Optimizes your worflow

The throughput speed of this convenient flat belt conveyor can be regulated indepently from 7-30 meter/minute. 


The Audion AC 2000 4 gives you the following benefits

Optimized workflow:
Provides a stable infeed of your products to your Audion El Matic shrink machine
Independent speed regulator:
Speed can be regulated independent from the shrink machine from 7 to 30 mtr/min.
Equipped with stop button:
When an error occurs the conveyor can be stopped with an emergency stop button.
Guide bar:
1 guide bar to centralize your products and enabling continuous package quality with simular appearance.

Everything-under-one-roof, match your L-sealer with Audion film

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International Sales

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ACC 2000 4

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