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Speedpack Highspeed Hero (2)


Speedpack 400 Hybrid High Speed

Advanced automatic bagger designed for creating exceptional value, speed and flexibility

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Audion SpeedBags

Most flexible bagging & printing

Small or large bags, ldpe film or (paper) laminate, Speedpack Hybrid High Speed delivers bag making, bag fill­ing and an optional coding at an amazing speed, all from tubular film, ensuring maximum flexibility for packaging parts in a wide variety of industries.

Designed for long and short batches, Speedpack High Speed can create and fill up to 1800 bags per hour, gen­erating a magnificent boost of packaging output when com­pared to manual packaging!

The body is constructed of two sturdy operation towers, quadrupling packaging output from tubular film. The high-end PLC is easily connectable to infeed or out­feed conveyors and ensures a stable and reliable operation.


Recipes for each batch of products, like f.i. seal settings, batch counters and bag length variation can be stored in the user-friendly touchscreen, facilitating a quick changeover between batches.

Speedpack High Speed is widely used as a high-speed bagging solution for packaging parts in production lines, warehouses, automotive industries and medical-, pharma- or high-tech industries.

Discover the wide range of options to customize and profit from

  • Productivity boost
  • Cost efficient advantages
  • Compact & robust design
  • Wide customizing options for a perfect fit to your product 
  • Powerful & reliable performance
Speedpack High Speed (2)
Speedpack 400 SPKRS RVS Highspeed
Speedpack High Speed (1)
Speedpack Highspeed2
Speedpack 400 SPKRS Side
Speedpack HS RVS
Safety Curtain Highspeed

This makes our Speedpack High Speed unique

We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business.

Wide customization & Trusted engineering

The Speedpack High Speed comes with many options to fit heavy duty packaging processes. Selecting a bag length for each product batch, appropriate product feeding, labelling, and many more options can be added to customize the packaging solution to the best fit. The stainless steel version is a genuine one-of-a-kind model to meet the highest standards for medical/pharma packing. In order to create the safest and most efficient packaging solution Audion can mount options like seal bar validation, special features for operation in cleanrooms, Chevron seal bars, impulse seal, etc.

Flexibility is what counts

The tailor-made design of this powerful bagger is constructed with two heads: the first head, which integrates film rolls and provides space for mounting a (label) printer; the rear head, which integrates the bag making assembly. This solution allows you to produce shorter bags at high speed, even when coding on the bag is required! Choose for flexibility and run each product batch at the most appropriate bag length. Labelled, filled and sealed.


High productivity

With Speedpack High Speed, Audion has set a new performance and innovation. User requirements stood central to the design. The question was whether it was possible to speed up the process without compromising the functionality and advantages of Speedpack. The creation of a Speedpack with record-breaking performance was born. The synergy between the two sealing heads allows the output to be quadrupled, reaching up to 40 bags per minute. Creating a sense of seamless continuity and dynamic fluidity.

Customizing the seal

Each market has its own specific needs. Heat sealing bars or impulse sealing bars that are validatable to optimise the safety of your packed product. For medical environments, your High Speed is constructed in stainless steel and can be customized with special sealing bars to seal medical paper or paper laminates with a straight horizontal or Chevron seal bar. If you are not tied to special films or sealing bars, the High Speed will help you with a super fast output. Your desired bag length is produced from tubular film.


Speedpack High Speed

Speedpack high speed

Speedpack high speed including optimizer infeed and label printer

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Selected Value

The Speedpack range is designed and engineered following the latest technological innovations, all realized in our German manufacturing plant. Where passion leads to progress with high-end off the shelf components to meet the highest requirements.

  • Cleanroom version available
  • Validatable sealing system with IQ/OQ scripts
  • Sleek and pure design to seal batches at high speed
  • Improved packaging output thanks to the twin tower heads
  • Various infeed options available
  • (Medical) Paper Laminate options
  • Stainless steel version available


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Packing your parts with Speedpack High Speed allows you to have the following benefits:

Extra packaging speed:
Create added value upscaling your production capacity without losing any form of quality whilst saving on labor cost.
Bags on demand:
Create your desired bag length for every product. Thanks to the integrated bag converting assembly.
Operator-friendly colour touchscreen:
Easy overview to create the right sized bag. Just in one push. Clear readable prompts and alarms. Easy storage of packaging recipes (max. 50) and a built-in help diagnostics for troubleshooting.
Time saving options:
Options like the ceramic heating element help to start up fast. The frame on wheels creates maximum mobility: ready to do the work where needed.
Optimized safety:
Speedpack Hybrid High Speed is equipped with high-quality safety features.
Ultimate infeed flexibility:
Suitable for manual feed and integration with robotic systems and feeding systems. Speedpack always fits your process.
Fast ROI:
Quadrupled output in less time values your money (compared to manual packing).
Flexible film choices:
Suitable for creating right-sized pouches from medical-grade (tubular) film, HDPE, LDPE or aluminum laminates.
Compact design:
The compact design, constructed on wheels to facilitate mobile flexibility, takes up minimal space in your packaging area.
More safety, less injury:
Speedpack Hybrid 400 is equipped with high-quality safety and efficiency options.
Low maintenance:
Off the shelf modular components for easy replacement and a quick service access to all pneumatics and electrical components.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Speedpack 400 High Speed with Audion film

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Explore your Options

Customize your Speedpack High Speed to get the ultimate fit to your product requirements

Validatable sealing bars

When stringent seal quality in high demanding environments is the standard this validation option comes in. The sealing bars are controlled on seal temperature, seal time and seal pressure, guaranteeing ultimate safety for your packed product. Performances can be monitored and logged.

Stainless steel body

For extra hygiene the Speedpack High Speed can be constructed in a stainless steel version.

Raising the (seal)bar

Depending your film we can integrate the ideal sealing system into your Speedpack High Speed. A heat seal, a 3 or 8 mm impulse seal or a Chevron® seal bar. Set the standard with a perfect seal and a perfect package.

Optimal Automatic Options

Pick up the parts in an industrial process or go for a medical/pharma or cleanroom solution. Audion has designed options to create your perfect package. Support your bags and create a seamless transport within your packaging process integrating a conveyor and/or optimizer.

Speedpack Highspeed2

Our Speedpack 400 Hybrid High Speed in use

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How to pack several installation boxes in a LDPE perforated bag printed with a white square.

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Do you want to know what the Audion Speedpack Hybrid High-Speed can offer for your company? Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to exploring together which packing solutions benefit you most.

International Sales

International Sales

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Speedpack 400 Hybrid Medical

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  5. Bag length: 110 – 800 mm
  6. Powered: Pneumatic air