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300 MHS - Medical Heatsealer

The Audion medical heatsealer is ideal for sterile and hermetic packaging of medical instruments and other sterilized supplies. This easy-to-use packaging solution fully complies with EN-ISO 12100-1/2, EN-IEC 60204-1, EB-ISO 13732-1, EN-ISO 11607-1, DIN 58953-7 standards.

300 MHS - Medical Heatsealer

Product information

300 MHS

Compact easy-to-use tabletop medical heat sealer that produces a high quality 12 mm flat seal in just 4 seconds.

Multiple rolls can be placed on the standard included film roll holder for efficient operation and always the best fit for your product. A green LED light confirms the operater when the machine is ready to start the sealing cycle. No temperature setting required, the heated top seal bar has a fixed temperature and produces a strong an reliable seal over the entire length of the bag.

The included convenient work table supports the product during the sealing process and allows the operator to have both hands available to operate the sealer.

Audion also supplies sterilisation bags and film on a roll especially for steam sterilisation - suitable for 300 MHS, applications:

  • Dental practices
  • Doctor's offices
  • Veterinary practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Laboratories
  • Tattoo shops


The Audion 300 MHS gives you as end-user the following benefits

Compact straigth forward design:
Minimal operator training required.
Film roll holder:
Multiple rolls can be placed to accomodate different product sizes best while minimizing film waste.
Flexible operation:
Can operate with a variety of tubular medical film widths.
Standard equipped with work table:
Supports your products during the sealing process keeping both hands free to operate the sealer.
Integrated knife:
To produce custom bags at any length from tubular medical film.
Optimal product protection:
Strong 12 mm flat seal in 4 seconds.
2 coloured LED:
Red: error | Green: okay.
Plug and Play:
No temperature setting required.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the 300 MHS with Audion film

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