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Heating element Futura Portable Sealers

Heating element, suitable for all Futura Portable sealing tongs. Keeping this spare part in stock contributes to a high seal quality and continuity of your packaging process.

Heating element Futura Portable Sealers

Product information

Heating Element Futura Portable

To maintain a reliable seal, Audion recommends you to check the wearing parts of your sealer regularly. When the PTFE strip, silicone rubber and/or the heating element are burnt, worn or defective, these should be replaced.

During the use of your Futura Portable sealer, the following parts are particularly subject to wear:

  • 150 P-2: PTFE strip, silicone rubber and heating element
  • 150 PT-2: PTFE strip (2x) and heating element (2x)
  • 150 B-2: Heating element (2x)
  • 150 C-2: Heating element (2x)
  • Heating element for Futura Portable Sealers is available in 230V or 115V version


150 P/C/PT/CF

Heating element Futura Portable Sealers

Article number (230V):
Article number (115V):

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Futura Portable Sealer with our Audion film range

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