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TM 30

Wide Shrink tunnel which can shrink products with a height up to 300mm and a speed up to 9 m/min. Built for performance flexibility and high price control of all the machine operations. Pair the Audion TM 30 shrink tunnel with an automatic L-Bar and side sealer for a total packaging system configuration.

TM 30

Product information

TM 30

The Audion TM 30 Shrink Tunnel has a very precise temperature and speed control allowing shrinking a wide range of films, from the lightest polyolefin to the toughest polyethylene films. With the additional width wider products can be shrink wrapped.

The tunnel features include digital temperature control for precise shrink wrap performance, adjustable airflow and variable tunnel conveyor speed

The LCD control provides a full overview of the status of the Audion TM 30 shrink tunnel. Integrate it easily with an automatic L-Bar and side sealer for a total packaging system configuration. No complicated actions are required. A modular power section is integrated in the Audion TM 30, separated from the control panel and equipped with:

      • inverter to control the speed of the oven belt
      • solid state relays to control the resistance module

This system allows a simple and precise control of all the machine operations such as;

      • adjustment of the tunnel conveyor speed
      • adjustment of the tunnel shrinking temperature
      • possibility of scheduling up to 10 different work cycles

Ergonomic designed to minimize the heat loss, maintain tunnel temperature consistency and keep cold air outside the Audion TM 30. To minimize power consumption and increase efficiency. 


The Audion TM 30 gives you as end-user the following benefits

Optimal control:
Adjustable tunnel temperature, adjustable conveyor speed and tunnel air flow
Smooth in- and outfeed:
Tunnel conveyor with turning or fixed silicone-coated rollers
LCD control panel:
Makes settings highly visible and easy operable
Automatic cool down function:
For the purpose of the curing process and convenient handling at the end of the shift
Reduced energy consumption through good insulation and clever design
Multiple programs:
For easy variable adjustment setting and possibility of scheduling up to 10 different work cycles
Reduced power consumption
Made in Europe:
Built from high quality materials and compliance with CE regulations

Everything-under-one-roof, match the TM 30 with Audion film

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The Audion TM 30 in action

A shrink tunnel (also known as a heat tunnel) is a tunnel that is heated and has a conveyor system running through it. To correctly heat a shrink film, the shrink tunnel’s heat settings and conveyor speed can be modified. The Audion TM 30 shrink tunnel allows a simple and very precise control of this process.


The heat that is delivered to the shrink film causes the film to conform firmly to the product contained within it. Then the automatic "cool down" function at the end ensures a finished pack that can be processed immediately.

The Audion shrink tunnels are made from high quality materials and are very easy to operate. No comprehensive training is needed. Even when you want to integrate it to your current packing system or with an automatic L-Bar or side sealer for a total packaging system configuration.

With this shrink tunnel we create the perfect packaging finish. This allows us to deliver our products to customers professionally and safely packaged.
Mr. P.F. Dekker General Manger

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