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TM 18 Shrink tunnel

Shrink tunnel used to shrink materials like polyolefin films which have been sealed around a product. Key if you want to have a premium high clarity presentation of your product. Above all, it guarantees extra protection of your product during transport.

TM 18 Shrink tunnel

Product information

TM 18 Shrink tunnel

The TM 18 shrink tunnels are designed to seamlessly integrate into your packaging line, easily to be connected to an automatic L sealer or side sealer. Audion shrink tunnels are based on well proven quality and equipped with the latest and best shrink control technology.

The Audion TM shrink tunnel series are heavy duty shrink tunnels which are known for their high quality and precise shrink temperature vs speed controls. Easily it will shrink your thinnest polyolefin or the toughest polyethylene films. Built in Europe from high quality materials. With a conveyor speed of 14,5 meter/minute the TM18 is a great option to increase your packaging output while offering a consistent shrink performance to your products.


The Audion TM 18 gives you as end-user the following benefits

Optimal control:
Adjustable tunnel temperature, adjustable conveyor speed and tunnel air flow
Smooth in- and outfeed:
Tunnel conveyor with turning or fixed silicone-coated rollers
Black lighted LCD:
Makes settings highly visible and easy operable
Automatic cool down function:
For the purpose of the curing process and convenient handling at the end of the shift
Reduced energy consumption through good insulation
Multiple programs:
For easy variable adjustment setting and possibility of scheduling up to 6 different work cycles
Boosting comfort and productivity
Made in Europe:
Built from high quality materials and compliance with CE regulations

Everything-under-one-roof, match the TM 18 Shrink tunnel with Audion film

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TM 18

The TM 18 in action

Shrink tunnels like the TM 18 will mostly be paired with an automatic L sealer or side sealer. These sealers will automatically push the product which is just sealed into the shrink tunnel where the shrink process takes place.

With the Audion TM 18 shrink tunnel you are able to adjust the tunnel temperature, conveyor speed and tunnel air flow. With the two baffles you can reduce the hot air flow below the product or control the hot air flow coming from above. Ideal to to gurantee the best possible shrink result for each product. Finally, the good looking shrink wrapped product appears out of the tunnel and can be collected.

Audion understood my packaging needs, resulting in a packaging machine with the perfect fit.
Mrs. Lieke Hansen Owner Fascino Coffee
Lieke Hansen Fascino Koffie

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