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L 500SA

This semi automatic L-sealer can be used to pack your products in a fast, safe, and presentable way. Often used in combination with a TE-Matic shrink tunnel. Compared to the traditional L-sealers, the L series of Audion provide higher outputs as well as consistently strong seals. Possible to operate with polyethylene and polyolefin centrefold film.

L 500SA

Product information

L 500SA

The Audion L 500SA is a semi-automatic L-sealer equipped with an automatic pack discharge conveyor. The automatic seal cycle facilitates even greater productivity. Combine it with one of the Audion shrink tunnels and you are ready for the future. Packaging speed up to 1500 packs per hour*.

This reliable L-sealer offers your business high packaging capacity. It is equipped with a user-freindly LCD control panel. Not only you can store several programs to repeat the same packing cycle but you can also monitor and get machine information. This allows easy and accurate monitoring of all machine operations, such as the status of the machine and the number of packs produced by an electronic pack counter.

*The stated speed can change according to the product size, the pack collation and the type of film used.


The Audion L 500SA gives you as end-user the following benefits

User-friendly control panel:
Machine information, counter, sealing temperature settings, conveyor speed, automatic cycle mode setting, 10 operating recipes can be stored, and failure codes indication
Smooth production flow:
Can be operated semi automatically via push button or foot switch. Can also be operated fully automatic with PLC controlled time
High quality seal:
Closed-circuit liquid-cooled sealing bars, ensure consistent seal quality independent of the operator
Easily combined with shrink tunnel
High ergonomics:
Height-adjustable work table to have the ideal working height
Mobile product-holding plate:
Not attached to the film reel support; this allows a better adjustment of the film to the pack size and limites the waste of film.
Built and designed to minimize power consumption
Safety features:
Emergency stop push button

Everything-under-one-roof, match the L 500SA with Audion film

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The L 500SA in action

The Audion L 500SA is a semi-automatic L sealer equipped with an automated system. When the start button is pressed, the sealing frame closes. At the end of the sealing cycle, the sealing frame opens automatically and goes back to its starting position, while the product is transported out of the area and the next product can automatically be inserted for the new packing cycle.

The Audion user-friendly software enables adjustment of the operating times of the frame and modification of the sealing pressure. The automatic conveyor automatically discharges the packed product, without intervention of an operator. A very fast and smart packaging cycle, designed to increase your productivity considerably.


Audion understood my packaging needs, resulting in a packaging machine with the perfect fit.
Mrs. Lieke Hansen Owner Fascino Coffee
Lieke Hansen Fascino Koffie

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