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Work table Sealboy Magneta

Work more efficiently with the Audion work table. To be mounted onto the Sealboy Magneta, ensuring a stable operation. By adding the work table your product will be on the same height as the seal bars. This makes it easier to get a straight aligned seal. Available in different sizes to match it with your size of impulse sealer.

Work table Sealboy Magneta

Product information

Work table Sealboy Magneta

The work table is an original accessory from Audion and designed for the Audion Sealboy Magneta. This work table can be fixed to the Sealboy Magneta, ensuring a stable packaging workflow. It improves sealing efficiency as the bag is at the same height as the sealing bar. In this way it will be easier to make a straight aligned seal.

Sturdy construction, made in the Netherlands. The work table is coated in the same color as the Sealboy Magneta. 


Please see below more specifications of the Audion Work table Sealboy Magneta

Article number:
OT 235 SBM | OT 420 SBM
29 / 48 cm

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Everything-under-one-roof, match the Sealboy Magneta with Audion film or LDPE bags

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