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Robust impulse sealer providing high quality seals time after time. Ideal for medium-duty applications. The integrated electromagnet holds down the sealing arm, ensuring consistent seals independent of the operator. For more operator convenience the Magneta is available with mechanical foot operation or motorized operation. 3 Years warranty included.


Product information


The Magneta series has been in the Audion range for over 35 years and until today we have never stopped developing it. It is, due to its high quality and user-friendliness, one of the most popular bag sealers in the world. With this in mind standard 3 years guarantee is included (excluding wearing parts) and 5 years for transformers. The Magneta is world market leader in its class with more than 50.000 satisfied customers all over the world. A proof of the robustness.

The various options available ensure that Magneta easily fits your desired packaging purpose.

The integrated electromagnet ensures consistent seals independent of the operator. The independent seal and cooling timers allow you to adjust your seal cycle to the thickness of your film. The Magneta can be operated by hand or with an optional foot pedal allowing you to have your hands free for holding the bag. There is also an optional motorized version (MGM) that automatically closes the seal bars with only a gentle push on the pedal.

The Magneta works with polyethylene, polypropylene and other film laminates. The integrated knife makes it versatile to work with both ready-bags and tubular film (creating your own custom bags at any length).

Maintenance is very easy and can be done within one minute by replacing the sealbar.

The wide range of options available in the Magneta series provide maximum flexibility to choose the right machine for the right application. The seals generated by the Magneta are of a constant and reliable quality. Production is situated in the Netherlands and spare parts are available worldwide, making the Magneta a packaging machine for life.



The Audion Magneta gives you as end-user the following benefits

Electromagnet closure:
User-friendly and reliable, ensures consistent seals independent of the operator
Strong seal:
3 mm seal
Efficient control:
The independant adjustment of sealing and cooling time allows you to precisely adjust the seal cycle to the thickness of your film and/or intensiveness of sealing.
Integrated knife:
To produce custom bags at any length from tubular film and easily cut off leftover film above the seal
Various options available to match it to your needs
Ease of operation:
The integrated electromagnet makes the Audion Magneta easy and safe to operate

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Magneta with Audion film

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Accessories available

Foot pedal for Magneta

Foot pedal for Magneta

Easy to use, reducing operator fatigue, maximizing efficiency and speed. Keeps the operators' hands free

Spare parts available


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Magneta in action

The Audion Magneta is a reliable impulse sealer that provides high quality also during intensive use. The Magneta impulse sealer is ideal for medium-duty applications where you need to seal up to a few thousand poly bags per day.

The sealing process can easily be started simply by a light push on the pressure arm or foot pedal. It is held down by the magnet until the set sealing and cooling time has elapsed. Next, the pressure arm opens automatically.

The Audion Magneta is made in the Netherlands, includes an industry-leading three year warranty. Easy maintenance and wide available spare parts make this sealer to last well over a decade with proper care. 

We have several of these machines and have used them for many years. They have always worked to standard and have an excellent track record for reliability
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