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Set of Rolls & Polylock for Magneta

A set of rolls to mount onto the bottom of the Support stand (SP) for Magneta. Place the film on the rolls to unroll the film in a smooth and stable manner. Polylock is included to prevent the film from rolling back. The set of Rolls & Polylock are ideal to combine with the Audion support stand (SP).

Set of Rolls & Polylock for Magneta

Product information

Set of Rolls & Polylock for Magneta

The rollers are designed to be mounted on the bottom of the Audion support stand. Allows the film to unroll smoothly and stably which makes processing tubular film easy.

The Polylock is included with the Set of Rolls to prevent the film roll from rolling back. The Polylock can be mounted onto the Magneta. Made in the Netherlands since 1947 from durable, local sourced materials which have proven their value.  

The Set of Rolls & Polylock for Magneta work great in combination with the Audion support stand.


Please see below more specifications of this Audion Set of Rolls & Polylock for Magneta.

Article number:
SR 321 | SR 421 | SR 521 | SR 621 | SR 721 | SR 821 | SR 1021
Stainless steel / PVC

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Everything-under-one-roof, match the Magneta with Audion tubular film

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