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VAC PSR 720 (1)


Power Sealer ©

The entry model of our Power Sealer series. Powerful industrial sealer that performs rock-solid seals, even for heavy-duty packaging

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Powerful pneumatic impulse sealer 

This entry model of Power Sealer forms the solid basis of Audion's renowned industrial Power Sealer series and lives up to its name. It ensures critical seal integrity in packaging food, parts, medical supplies and high-tech components. 

This sturdy stainless steel impulse sealer provides speed and flexibility for applications requiring an industrial piece of packaging equipment.

The outstanding 5 mm width seal performance is achieved by pneumatic bi-active (top and bottom) seal bars that allow you to seal through a range of tough packaging materials. Every seal is time-controlled and 9 seal recipes can be stored, ensuring that every bag material is sealed at its own ideal seal and cool time setting. 



Power Sealers provide the largest range of standard features of any pneumatic impulse sealer on the market. Each model can be customized to your product by adding advanced options to meet specific product requirements.

Power Sealers turn your packaging challenges into a worry-free and user-friendly packaging operation saving production time and minimizing product waste.

Power Sealer advantages: 

  • Time controlled sealing (9 recipes) for optimized packaging comfort
  • Wide range of options to customize to your product
  • Ability to pack products under vacuum and/or MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)
  • Configurable as heat sealer (PSR HS), ideal for sealing extra thick laminated gusseted bags.
VAC PSR 520 (1)
Vac PSR 1020 + Support

Power Sealer Benefits

The no-nonsense PSR line: heavy-duty impulse sealers with strong seal power (also available with heat seal bar configuration)

User-friendly operation

Digital control panel with repeat parameter recipe feature, foot pedal operated, flexible custom fit configuration

Reduces the package size + extends the shelf life of your product

Standard with integrated vacuum and gas flush system enabling MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

Adaptable to characteristics of most modern film materials

Strong configurable pneumatically driven bi-active seal bars suitable for sealing various modern film types including thick films and special laminates

Maximizes your production efficiency

Consistent high quality seal over the entire length of the bag after every sealing cycle


An integrated Vacuum and/or Gas flush system

All Power Sealers can be configured for ‘sealing only’ or with an integrated vacuum system.

The Vacuum Power Sealer (VAC PSR) is equipped with a venturi pump enabling a powerful vacuum result ideal for operating in a continuous packaging process, reducing production time. The venturi pump is virtually maintenance free (operating without oil). The vacuum system can be combined with gas flush to create modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

The integrated vacuum system can be used for:

  • Volume reduction of the package to save storage and shipment costs
  • Applying a modified atmosphere (MAP) to extend the shelf-life of food products
  • Prevention of oxidation of, for example, printed circuit boards or other delicate products.


The Audion Vacuum Power Sealers (VAC PSR) gives you the following benefits

Excellent seal integrity:
Sealing and cooling time can be set for every product and material. This can easily be monitored from the digital panel during sealing. Seals most modern film types including thick or laminated bags.
Pneumatical bi-active seal bars:
Producing a powerful and equally divided 5 mm seal over the entire bag length.
Strong vacuum power:
The integrated venturi pump realizes a strong vacuum and can be programmed for each product in a recipe (max. 9 recipes).
Optimized functionality:
A wide range of configurable options is available to customize to your specific operational and product safety requirements.
Extendable shelf life:
Your products stay fresh longer (food) / are protected against metal erosion (delicate parts e.g, circuit boards).
Easy operation:
9 Programs can be stored; minimal training needed/plug-and-play.
Low maintenance:
Designed for heavy duty operation / easy replaceable wearing parts (available from stock).

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Power Sealer with Audion film

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Explore your options

Customize your Power Sealer to your unique requirements

Select your seal bar type

Configurable with powerful 5 mm impulse seal bars (suitable for most modern film types) or 12 mm ribbed heat seal bars (for extra thick, laminated and/or gusseted bags)

Upgrade your working environment

Various options to create a safe and ergonomic workstation e.g. ESD features, (product) support solutions and secured operational features

Finetune your vacuum system

Various nozzle systems available to pack multiple bags at once / bags with products with a deep product position / powders or moist goods, etc.

Extra seal comfort

Bag stretchers ensure fold-free sealing; a work table supports heavy, bulky and/or loose products.

Hoogbeeld VAC PSR 1020 Roller Conveyor On SP PSR

Discover our Power Sealer line:

  1. Power Sealer

This no-nonsense Power Sealer forms the solid basis of the renowned Power Sealer line. The outstanding 5 mm sealing performance is achieved by a pneumatic bi-active and time-controlled impulse sealing system. Standard vacuum feature integrated. Also available in Heat Seal configuration.

  1. Validatable Power Sealer 

On top of the already outstanding performance of the Power Sealer, this model is validatable and generates an 8 mm temperature- and time controlled seal. The validation enables that critical seal variables like seal force, seal temperature and seal time are being controlled. 

  1. Power Sealer PLUS  

The next step in the Power Sealer line is the Plus version. With its unique and most precise system of validation it meets todays' most stringent packaging requirements. 8 mm temperature- , time- and force controlled seal. Includes Audion Touch Techware.

  1. Power Sealer PLUS IP65

Our flagship model in the Power Sealer line. Especially developed for dusty, humid or regulated (clean room) production environments. Highly advanced validatable impulse sealer. An 8 mm temperature-, time and force controlled seal. Includes Audion Touch Techware. Also available in Bag-in-box configuration.

The Power Sealer XL has the largest sealing length of the Power Sealer range. With a sealing length up to 2500 mm it can effortlessly provide your largest products with customized packaging or protective covers by means of an 8 mm seal. Optional validation: temperature-, time- and force controlled sealing. Also available in Bag-in-box configuration.

Unique steamsealer enabling bags to be sealed without electrical power supply. Instead, it uses pressurized steam to operate. suitable for explosive environments. 8 mm temperature controlled seal.

Combi Probeersel

Our Power Sealer in use



Specialized in the cleaning, packaging and distribution of high-quality and fragile industrial products.

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Covid Vaccins

Astra Zeneca

Specialized in the production of disposable and reusable medical devices for anesthesia and critical care

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Kaas Voorgrond

Dutch cheese

Packing taditional Dutch cheeses which are sold to cheese stores, supermarkets and wholesalers.

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Do you want to know what the Audion Power Sealers can offer for your company? Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to explore together which packing solutions benefits you most.

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International Sales

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Industrial Sealmaster ISM

Powerful tabletop sealer for heavy duty application - electrically driven

  1. Seal width: 5 mm (bi-active)
  2. Seal length: 420 | 620 | 1020 mm
  3. Type of seal: Time controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Electric
  5. Operating: Digital panel to set sealing and cooling time/ 1 recipe
  6. Validatable: No
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: No
Power Sealer PLUS

Power Sealer PLUS

High-end industrial validatable impulse sealer designed for most critical and heavy duty packaging applications

  1. Seal width: 8 mm
  2. Seal length: 520 | 720 | 1020 | 1320 mm
  3. Type of seal: Temperature-, time- and pressure controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Pneumatic (air)
  5. Operating: Touchscreen /50 pre-set recipes
  6. Validatable: Yes
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: Yes, optional
  8. Compatible with: EN 868-5 | DIN 58953 | part 7 norms | ISO 11607-2 | ISO/TS 16775
  9. Accuracy: ++++
Power Sealer PLUS IP65

Power Sealer PLUS IP65

High-end industrial validatable IP65 impulse sealer, designed for demanding packaging in dusty or humid environments

  1. Seal width: 8 mm
  2. Seal length: 720 | 1020 mm
  3. Type of seal: Temperature-, time- and pressure controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Pneumatic (air)
  5. Operating: Touchscreen /50 pre-set recipes
  6. Validatable: Yes
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: Yes, optional
  8. Compatible with: EN 868-5 / DIN 58953 / part 7 norms / ISO 11607-2 / ISO/TS 16775
  9. Accuracy: ++++