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Power Sealer Temperature Controlled

Fully temperature controlled robust impulse sealer for reliable packaging of food and high-tec products

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High-class Temperature Controlled sealing

This high-performance and fully temperature controlled Power Sealer has been designed following the critical packaging needs in High-tec and Food industry where temperature controlled sealing and process alarm on seal temperature is required.

The advanced Audion Temperature Controller repeatedly ensures precise temperature regulated seal cycles for reliable packaging of delicate products like electronic devices or food products, such as powders or spices, granulates or large pieces of meat. An alarm function (with adjustable tolerances) is available to stop the cycle in case of unexpected deviation in seal temperature.

The robust heavy duty stainless steel housing is easy-to-clean and equipped with the renowned Audion Touch Techware for easy monitoring the critical control parameters. It enables the pre-setting of 50 parameter recipes, precise control of seal temperature and seal time. Batch and cycle information can be stored and downloaded.  

Powerful bi-active and pneumatic sealbars effectively produce a consistent 8 mm seal in film, laminates and other thick materials, even during intensive use.


Features like Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (gas flush), integrated cleaning system and a powder filter are optionally available.

Audion designed a wide range of options to customize your Power Sealer TC to your product.

Your Power Sealer TC advantages:

  • Uncompromised product protection (food and non-food)
  • Powerful bi-active and pneumatic sealbars that produce a consistent air-tight 8 mm seal 
  • User-friendly Audion Touch Screen Control Interface (50 recipes)
  • Data transfer by means of a USB port
  • Access control with 3 login levels - to ensure proper settings are implemented and product quality is monitored
  • Foot pedal activation
  • Emergency stop button
  • Compatible with EN 60204-1 and fully complies to ISO 12100, ISO 4414 and ISO 14118.
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This makes your machine unique

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Consistent high seal quality

Sealing & cooling temperature, sealing time and eventual vacuum & gas cycles are controlled, ensuring a consistent seal quality, even during intensive sealing. An alarm can be set on eventual deviation in seal temperature. Sealing temperature can be officially calibrated by applying Audion Factory Calibration (optional).


The user-friendly Audion Touch Techware integrates the advanced Audion Temperature Controller and a clear HMI touchscreen for pre-setting 50 recipes and precise monitoring of the seal temperature. Batch and cycle information can be stored and downloaded.

Minimizing package size & extension of shelf life

Configurable with integrated vacuum and gas flush system enabling MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to mimimize the volume of package and to optimize the shelf life of food.

Engineered to maximize your product quality

A wide range of special options for high-tech and food applications have been designed to optimize the quality of your product during packaging.

Non Food

An integrated Vacuum and/or Gas flush system

All Power Sealers can be configured for ‘sealing only’ or with an integrated vacuum system.

Audion's Vacuum Power Sealers are equipped with a venturi pump generating a powerful vacuum, ideal for operating in a continuous packaging process, reducing production time. The venturi pump is virtually maintenance free (operating without oil). The vacuum system can be combined with gas flush to create modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

An integrated vacuum system can be used for:

  • Volume reduction of the package to save storage and shipment costs
  • Applying a modified atmosphere (MAP) to extend the shelf-life of food products
  • Prevention of oxidation of, for example, printed circuit boards or other delicate electric components.

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The Power Sealer TC gives you the following benefits

User-friendly control panel:
The Audion Touch Techware control panel enables you to set 50 recipes on seal temperature, cool temperature, seal time. A tolerance on seal temperature can be set and is monitiored by means of an alarm stop function.
Vacuum sealer configuration:
The PSR TC with with integrated vacuum system is equipped with a powerful and practically maintenance free Venturi pump and enables MAP packaging if required.
Easy cleaning:
The solid stainless steel housing enables you to easily keep the machine clean.
Protected seal cycle:
No errors can be tolerated. Therefore an integrated 3 level log-in acces control (operator, supervisor and administrator protected seal cycles) comes standard in the Power Sealer TC.
Validation functions:
A USB-port is standard equipped and allows data logging by means of .csv file through USB-stick. Data included are machine id, login level, recipe name, batch number, parameter settings, temperature tolerance, alarm limits, date/time, seal id, parameter results, pass/fail. alarm code.
Reliability on every seal:
The Audion Temperature Controller integrated in the PSR TC enables a combination of precise temperature regulation and consistent seal cycles. The seal temperature is monitored by an alarm function to ensure that sealing processes are efficient, reliable, and safe. This is particularly valuable in industries where the quality and integrity of sealed products are essential.
Powerful seal pressure:
The pneumatically driven bi-active sealing bars produce a strong and equally divided 8 mm seal.
Every sealer custom-fit:
The wide selection of available options ensures the best fit packaging machine for your market.
Low maintenance:
The integrated temperature control system and optional venturi pump facilitate a low consumption of wearing parts.
Hands free operation:
The seal cycle is activated by a foot pedal.
Full safety:
Compatible with ISO 12100, ISO 4414, ISO 14118 and EN 60204-1.

Explore your options

Customize your Power Sealer TC to your unique requirements

Solid and mobile support frame:

To adjust your sealer to the ideal sealing height and sealing angle and maximize ergonomic advantages. Various support options are available, such as bag support or roller conveyor. All to create the ideal packaging solution for your product and operator.

Food hygiene optimization

Audion has designed several options to optimize your food packaging process. A powder filter, liquid separator, quick cleaning system for powders, particle ejection system (to clear the vacuum tubing after every vacuum cycle) are all available to customize your Power Sealer TC and ultimately protect your product.

Comply with cleanroom regulations

Especially designed (cleanroom) solutions are available to guarantee the safety and quality of your products, such as exhaust options, electrostatic discharge function or silicone poor machine design.

Wrinkle-free sealing

Bagstretchers can be mounted to tighten the bag neatly alongside the seal bar. In this way it will be easier to provide wrinkle-free seals while keeping the bag properly tensioned.

SP PSR Support

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Power Sealer TC with Audion film

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Discover our Power Sealer line:

  1. Power Sealer

This no-nonsense Power Sealer forms the solid basis of the renowned Power Sealer line. The outstanding 5 mm sealing performance is achieved by a pneumatic bi-active and time-controlled impulse sealing system. Standard vacuum feature integrated. 

  1. Validatable Power Sealer 

This model is validatable and generates an 8 mm temperature- and time controlled seal. The validation enables that critical seal variables like seal force, seal temperature and seal time are being controlled.

The Power Sealer TC is a high-performance temperature controlled sealing machine designed for demanding packaging needs in the high-tech and food industries. It features a durable stainless steel housing, touchscreen interface, and powerful bi-active and pneumatic seal bars that ensure consistent, airtight seals. 

  1. Power Sealer PLUS  

The next step in the Power Sealer line is the Plus version. With its unique and most precise system of validation it meets todays' most stringent packaging requirements. 8 mm Temperature- , time- and force controlled seal. Includes Audion Touch Techware.

  1. Power Sealer PLUS IP65

Our flagship model in the Power Sealer line. Especially designed for dusty, humid or regulated (clean room) production environments. Highly advanced validatable impulse sealer. An 8 mm temperature-, time and force controlled seal. Includes Audion Touch Techware. Also available in Bag-in-box configuration.

The Power Sealer XL has the largest sealing length of the Power Sealer range. With a sealing length up to 2500 mm it can effortlessly provide your largest products with customized packaging or protective covers by means of an 8 mm seal. Optional validation: temperature-, time- and force controlled sealing. 

Unique steamsealer enabling bags to be sealed without electrical power supply. Instead, it uses pressurized steam to operate. suitable for explosive environments. 8 mm temperature controlled seal.

Combi Probeersel

Available spare parts

Available in shop Spare parts set for Power Sealer

Spare parts set for Power Sealer

520|720|1020|1320 IST/MV (TC)(MED)(PLUS)(IP65)(SILA)

£225.33 excl. VAT
Available in shop Seal wire for Power Sealers

Seal wire for Power Sealers

520|720|1020|1320 IST/MV (MED)(WB)(IP65)

£31.45 excl. VAT
Available in shop PTFE strips for Power Sealer

PTFE strips for Power Sealer

(VAC) PSR models

£16.45 excl. VAT
Available in shop Silicone rubbers for Power Sealer

Silicone rubbers for Power Sealer

520 | 720 | 1020 | 1320 (VAC) PSR models

£45.50 excl. VAT

This might also interest you:

Industrial Frame

Industrial Frame

Support Frame with continuously manually adjustable height and 90 degree tilting machine angle

  1. Dimensions: 806 mm (L) x 760 mm (W) x 1624 mm (H) (after assembly)
  2. Product: Manual Frame incl. mounting system for (VAL) PSR, PSR TC, PSR PLUS, ISMS
  3. Weight of frame: 30 Kg (without accessories)
  4. Mode of application: Manual
  5. Material: Stainless Steel (Grinded)
  6. Configuration 4 white polyamide wheels (2 with brake) (standard) / or 4 height adjustable feet (optional)
  7. Standards: EN ISO 12100: 2010
Vacuum Power Sealer PLUS IP65 Bag-in-box

Vacuum Power Sealer PLUS IP65 Bag-in-box

For bag-in-box packaging operations that require complete quality control, high sanitation and excellence in vacuum results

  1. Seal width: 8 mm
  2. Seal length: 1720 mm
  3. Type of seal: Temperature-, time-, and pressure controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Pneumatic (air)
  5. Operating: Touchscreen /50 pre-set recipes
  6. Validatable: Yes
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: Yes, standard
  8. Compatible with: EN 868-5 / DIN 58953 / part 7 norms / ISO 11607-2 / ISO/TS 16775
  9. Accuracy: ++++
Power Sealer PLUS

Power Sealer PLUS

High-end industrial validatable impulse sealer designed for most critical and heavy duty packaging applications

  1. Seal width: 8 mm
  2. Seal length: 520 | 720 | 1020 | 1320 mm
  3. Type of seal: Temperature-, time- and pressure controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Pneumatic (air)
  5. Operating: Touchscreen /50 pre-set recipes
  6. Validatable: Yes
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: Yes, optional
  8. Compatible with: EN 868-5 | DIN 58953 | part 7 norms | ISO 11607-2 | ISO/TS 16775
  9. Accuracy: ++++

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