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Industrial Magneta

This robust electrical industrial sealer is supplied with an electric pedal that activates the seal cycle by a gentle push only. Ideal for mid-volume applications that demand a high-quality 5 mm seal. The integrated electromagnet holds the seal arm down during sealing ensuring a consistent seal independent of the operator's skills. The integrated knife system allows you to seal both ready made bags and create your own custom bags.

Industrial Magneta

Product information

Industrial Magneta (MGMI)

Industrial Impulse Sealer – Ideal for medium-duty applications

The entry level of Audion's Industrial Sealer Range. This industrial sealer provides a time controlled high quality 5 mm seal. The seal cycle of this electrical driven version is easily activated by a gentle push on the electrical foot operation, facilitating a user friendly operation. This reliable impulse sealer produces a powerful 5 mm seal time after time. It is suitable to seal various materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and thin laminates , both ready-made bags and tubular film. 

This Industrial Sealer offers a very durable packaging solution due to its low-maintenance design and features. The integrated seal wire tensioners actively care for a well tensioned sealing wire, even after intensive use, guaranteeing an equally divided seal quality. Further, wearing parts are easily available worldwide to ensure your products always to be packed with a reliable and strong seal, today and in the years to come.


  • Plug and Play - Optional convenient electrical foot operation
  • Semi-automatic - Opens automatically after completing the set seal and cooling time
  • Easy setting/adjusting of seal and cooling time 
  • Cutting device - To remove residual film above the seal or create custom-sized bags from tubular film
  • Easy to maintain - Complete seal bar replacement <1 min

3 year industry leading warranty (wearing parts excluded)



The Audion Industrial Magneta gives you as end-user the following benefits

Electrically powered:
This motorized version accomodates maximum user comfort and consistent seals, independent of the operator.
Strong seal:
5 mm seal width
Efficient control:
The independant adjustment of sealing and cooling time allows you to precisely adjust the seal cycle to the thickness of your film and/or intensiveness of sealing.
Integrated knife:
To produce custom bags at any length from tubular film and easily cut off leftover film above the seal.
Various options available to match it to your needs
5 mm seal wire is fastened with tensioners in order to ensure an equally strong seal over the entire sealing length, also during intensive use
Ease of operation:
The integrated electromagnet makes the Audion Magneta easy and safe to operate
Foot operation:
Each seal cycle is started by simply tapping the electrical foot pedal keeping both hand available to support the bag during sealing.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Industrial Magneta with Audion film

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Close Up

The Industrial Magneta in action 

This motorized industrial impulse sealer features smooth and efficient operation. The sealing and cooling times can easily be adjusted depending on the used film type/thickness. The sealbar closes after a simple tap on the electrical foot pedal. A powerful electromagnet holds the jaws closed during the seal process. 


To create a bag from tubular film or to seal the ready-made bag above the 5 mm seal, the knife is easily slided from left to right. The machine is directly available to begin the next packaging cycle.

The semi-automatic nature of the machine actively prevents operator fatigue and guarantees a perfect seal result after each completed sealing cycle.

We have several of these machines and have used them for many years. They have always worked to standard and have an excellent track record for reliability
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