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Vacuum bags easy open

Audion supplies a wide variety of excellent quality vacuum bags to guarantee the freshness of your product and to enhance its presentation. Designed with an "easy-open" strip for convenient opening of the vacuumed bag. All vacuums bags are transparant, made of polyamide (PA) and polyethylene (PE), sealed at the bottom (no side seals), creating an attractive packaging.

Vacuum bags easy open

Product information

Vacuum bags easy open

Wide variety of excellent quality vacuum bags designed with an "easy-open" strip for convenient opening. Guarantee the freshness of your product and to enhance its presentation.designed with an "easy-open" strip for convenient opening

For longer shelf life and good protection of your product.

For more convenience, we also offer vacuum bags that are easy to open after being vacuumed: these bags are supplied with a special opening strip.


The Audion Vacuum bags give you as end-user the following benefits

Longer shelf life:
The PA layer prevents any contact with oxygen, facilitating that the colour, aroma, taste and freshness is preserved longer
Representative presentation:
The transparant film facilitate a good looking presentation of your product
Wide range of sizes:
Audion has various sizes and thicknesses of vacuum bags available from stock. Special sizes and thicknesses are available on demand (minimum order quantity)

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Vacuum bags in use

These transparant vacuum bags allow products to be stored airtight and well protected, accomodating a longer preservation of the product. The vacuum bags consist of a polyamide (nylon) layer and polyethylene layer ensuring an airtight packaging.


The vacuum process itself can be executed by either a vacuum sealer (Industrial Power Sealer line) with nozzles, creating a vacuum directly into the bag, or with an Audionvac vacuum chamber, vacuuming the complete chamber and the bag, resulting into a maximum vacuum of 99,9%


Since using vacuum bags, we have been able to preserve our products much better.
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