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Audionvac VM 203 HERO


Audionvac VM 203

Medium-sized floor model vacuum chamber with aluminum deep chamber and lid with monitoring window

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Outstanding performance and efficiency

This medium-sized floor model vacuum chamber is ideal for efficient and reliable packaging of multiple products. The standard two seal bar configuration enables you to process several batches at once, increasing your output and efficiency.

These configurable Audionvacs are well suited to safely pack food and non-food products, such as high-tech parts and other electrical components. An optional ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) feature enables you to safely pack electrostatic products, e.g. wafers, chips, motherboards and prints. 

To meet your product requirements, various other options are available to seamlessly integrate this vacuum chamber into your production line. 

The high lid with monitoring glass enables to supervise the overall packaging process. And how beneficial it is to always have the ideal settings at hand for each different product/film type, by means of a user-friendly digital control panel with 10 program memory.

To sum up:

  • Configurable to your product and packaging requirements
  • Digital control panel (time controlled, 10 programs)
  • Two seal bars (left-right, 2 seal wires per seal bar) 
  • Powerful vacuum pump (63 m3/h)
  • Aluminum lid with monitoring glass 
  • Aluminum deep chamber 
Audionvac VM 203
Audionvac VM Range

This makes our machine unique

We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business

Unique design and optimized convenience

The sunken aluminum chamber creates extra space for larger packages to be sealed and the ability to store 10 seal programs on the device's memory enables the quick restart of production when switching to different sized products or film types. 

Consistent high sealing integrity and hygienic efficiency

Standard equipped with double rounded (Convex) seal wires of 2 x 3.5 mm that pushes liquid or powdery contents to the side, ensuring a powerful airtight seal over the entire length and thus guaranteeing optimum hygiene and quality preservation of your product.

Monitorable packaging process

Guarantees a continuous high seal integrity after each completed packaging cycle. To double check the correct package position and monitor the packaging process you can use the large sight glass in the aluminum lid.

Seamless addition to your production process

Select from a variety of standardized options such as Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), sensor control or liquid control. All to protect and optimize the quality of your product and maximize efficiency and user-convenience.

Aluminum single chamber vacuum packaging machine

The Audionvac VM 203 floor standing vacuum packaging machine. This vacuum packaging machine has a strong solid aluminum vacuum chamber with an aluminum lid. Standard equipped with: 

  • Time control
  • Soft air to vacuum seal sharp products
  • 63 m3/h vacuum pump
  • Double seal (2 convex sealing wires)
  • 2 seal bars left and right
  • 10 program memory
  • Insert plate included for a faster cycle and product adjustment
  • 3 year warranty 
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The Audionvac VM 203 gives you as end-user the following benefits

Maximum efficiency:
Standard 2 seal bars for optimized output.
Optimum hygiene:
Standard double seal (2 wires); convex sealing wires for safer sealing results.
Time control:
To set the time for vacuum, gas and seal cycles for a constant and guaranteed end result.
Soft air:
To pack fragile or sharp products without damaging the products and the bag.
10 program memory:
Quick selection of the correct program for your products.
Fast cycle:
Insert plate is standard included, to create a faster cycle and/or to create a better product positioning.
Ease of use:
User friendly digital control panel, plug and play.
Alternate vacuum and gas flush (max 5 cycles) in order to reduce the residual oxygen level. Supplied with gas flush option.
Vacuum pump:
63 m3/h vacuum pump for a fast packaging cycle.
Aluminum lid with sight glass:
To supervise the proceeding packaging process.
Deep aluminum chamber:
For vacuum packaging of higher products.
Maintenance friendly:
Easy pump maintenance and cleaning program; Silicone holders are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.
High quality material, maintenance friendly and easy to clean construction.
3 years.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Audionvac VM with Audion film

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Explore our options

Customize your Audionvac VM 203 to fit it to your needs

Bi-active seal

Ideal for vacuum sealing laminated and/or thicker film types to supply the extra heat needed to penetrate isolating laminates / film thickness.

Heavy duty packing

Aluminum end blocks ensure an efficient and durable vacuum packaging process under the most extreme conditions.

Cut-off or 1-2 cut off seal

Cut-off seal, to easily tear off the residual film. 1-2 Cut off seal, same as cut-off seal but in addition with 1-2 cut-off seal the time and settings of the seal and cutting wire can be managed separately.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

Enables the safe and carefree vacuum packaging of delicate electronical parts, e.g. RAM, graphic cards, or other electronic components. This feature prevents damage by sudden ESD and safeguards your product quality during the packaging process.

Bag Cut Off Seal

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International Sales

International Sales

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