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Audion Peel tester

To verify tensile strength of seals made on peelable bags

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Ensure extra safety: tensile strength verification on seals 

The APT 100 is a peel tester for measuring the tensile strength of the seals made on various packaging material, including medical bags.

The APT 100 is designed to perform peel tests following the ASTM F88/F88M as well as the EN868-5. The machine clamps a specimen and pulls the seal apart, measuring the tensile strength with load cell. The data are collects the data 100 times per second and presents the result with maximum strength and/or average strength.

All data can be transferred to PC and printed out as peel test report for your validation processes.



Especifically designed for testing (preformed) sterile barrier systems, conforms to the requirements of EN868-5 Annex D or ASTM F88.

  • The test result is clearly presented on PC screen in colored graphic chart
  • Pass/fail judgment on average strength or maximum strength
  • Configurable judgment criteria
  • Also measures seal width according to your own definitions of seal strength
  • Peel test report with your own company logo
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Cutting Sample3
Peeltester In Practice

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User-friendly interface

This model is operated by means of a user-friendly digital panel, enabling you to program the optimum peel test settings. By testing your packaging material, make sure that your pouch meets the sealing requirements and market demands. This will guarantee a consistent and reliable packaging quality, saving production time and reducing product failure.

Seal Integrity

Audion peel tester can check the seal integrity of your pouch, which is part of the support during your seal quality inspection. Using test kits, our service engineer will run various tests and the machine will issue a (digital) test report. The generated report will visualize and indicate if the seal strength is sufficient and meets the customer demands. Doing regular verification of your seal quality is an important part of the quality control.

Ensure consistent quality

Once the peel tests are performed, the data will visualize the quality level of the seal. Evaluate on a daily basis if you are using the most  suitable sealing parameters for your pouches and their integrity. If necessary, adjust the parameters on your packaging machine. By integrating verification through the peel tester APT 100 companies in pharmaceutical and medical industry will minimize the risk of errors.

Cleanroom Compatible

The peel tester machine is feasible in sterile environments and cleanrooms. Once the peel testing processes has finished, export the data via cable or USB to the PC / Laptop. The content can then be analyzed for various purposes. Pharmaceutical and medical companies can benefit from this service by tracking and tracing their seal quality, and avoid errors.

Calibration, Verification and Validation Services

The Audion validatable packaging machines require calibration, verification and validation services on a regular basis. Audion offers a wide range of instruments and solutions enabling users to test and verify their packaging machines and seal integrity, in order to meet the high market requirements.

  • Available verification instruments include:
  • ATM (Audion Temperature Meter): to verify the seal temperature
  • AFMR (Audion Force Measurement Ring): to verify the seal force of a validatable industrial sealer and to adjust the sealer in accordance with the measured values (Power Sealer and MSIDV)
  • ASPM (Audion Seal Pressure Measurement): to verify the seal pressure realized by compressed air (vacuum chambers and Speedpack) and to adjust the machine in accordance with the measured values
  • AVLM (Audion Vacuum Level Measurement): to verify the vacuum pressure
  • Seal Integrity Test (SIT) as a service which includes: 



  • Seal check according to ISO 11607-2 (to check intact seal for a specified seal width)
  • Dye penetration test according to ASTM F1929 (to check no channels or open seals)
  • Peel test according to EN 868-5 Annex D (to check tensile strength of seal)
  • Audion Factory Calibration (incl. Calibration Certificate): (Re-) calibration executed by certified engineers certifies the preciseness of the critical sealing parameters of the packaging machine. Reference standards calibrated under ISO17025 accreditation
  • IQ/OQ Check:
    • Installation Qualification (IQ): an Audion service engineer inspects the packaging machine in your operating environment, checking the following aspects: correct installation, functionality, specifications, critical process parameters and documents. Includes training & certificate.
    • Operational Qualification (OQ): an Audion engineer tests and will register seal integrity of your bag(s) in a test plan. Includes determination of sealing parameters, tolerances, acceptable criteria and worst case testing. 
Calibratie Koffers

Technical features

The Peel Tester APT 100 gives you as an end-user the following benefits:

Maximum measuring force:
100,0 N
Measuring unit:
N, Kgf, Lbf
User-friendly digital panel
5 recipes
Operator / Administrator registration
Measuring accuracy:
+/- 0,2 % of full scale
Data transfer interface:
USB cable & USB stick
Test data storage:
Specimen material thickness range:
30 – 200 micron (per clamping layer)

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Sample Cutter for APT 100

A twin blade cutter for easily cutting out 15mm wide specimen for peel tests. The blades are fixed on the sides of an anodized aluminum block. The sharp blades are covered by the plastic protection plate which prevents damaging the blades as well as injuring your fingers. To use the cutter, simply press the blades against the sealed material on the cutting mat. The cutter comes together with a 140 x 228mm cutting mat, 10 spare blades and a blade replacing tool.

Audion Factory Calibration

Audion provides a range of calibration services for our extensive range of validatable sealers that are being used in the Medical and Pharma markets as well as certain high-tech industries. Regular user verification and the recommended yearly re-calibration ensure that validatable sealers keep delivering the required seal quality.

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