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D662 MV


Contimed D 662 MV

Validatable rotary sealer for medical packaging of sterilization pouches

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Entry model validatable rotary sealer

The D 662 MV produces a 12,5 mm multiline validatable seal, fully compatible with sealing requirements of EN 868-5, DIN 58953-7 and validation requirements of ISO 11607-2 and ISO/TS 16775. 

This rotary sealer is equipped with an epoxy housing and stainless steel upper cover for hygienic cleaning. The digital and simple keyboard allows you to easily set and monitor the critical process parameters like seal temperature, seal force and seal speed. All critical process parameters are traceable and can be exported to a USB for logging. 

This rotary sealer is suitable for sealing medical pouches such as pre-made sterile barrier systems (EN 868-5), Uncoated synthetic (medical) paper and thin paper laminates. Not suitable for sealing Polyethylene pouches.



To optimize your user convenience and packaging performance, this machine comes standard with an easy-to-clean stainless steel work table that supports your packages during the seal process. 

This ensures a straight seal while the operator's hands remain available to feed the next package to the machine, saving time.

To sum up:

  • Validatable 
  • 12,5 mm multiline profiled seal
  • Optimized workflow (8 mtr/ minute)
  • Capability to trace and export all process parameters (USB port)
  • High level of user-convenience
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The Contimed D 662 MV gives you as an end-user the following benefits:

Full control of all critical process parameters.
Adjustable seal temperature:
Seal temperature can be adjusted from 10 - 220°C (± 1%).
Safety and quality controlled:
Temperature alarm (temperature accuracy ± 1%), temperature tolerance +/-5°C , pressure alarm tolerance -15N /+17N, speed alarm tolerance -1,0 m/min. /+0,5 m/min.
Standard wide seal:
Wide multiline seal (12,5 mm).
Automatic alarm stop:
The machine stops automatically when sealing parameters are out of tolerance range.
Fast throughput speed:
8 meter/min.
Adjustable infeed guide:
Free edge over the seal 0 - 32 mm.
Data logging:
Parameter monitoring (alarm stop) and data logging/traceability through USB.
User friendly control panel:
LCD display with membrane keyboard (2 lines for 8 characters).
Compact stainless steel design:
Stainless steel top cover for convenient and hygienic cleaning, epoxy housing.
Stainless steel working table:
Standard included, to support bags during sealing.
Requires minimal operator training.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Contimed with Audion film

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This makes our machine unique

We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business.

User-friendly interface

This model is operated by means of a user-friendly digital panel, enabling you to program the optimum packaging settings. This enables a consistent and reliable packaging result while saving production time and reducing product failure.

Cleanroom Compatible

The validatable D 662 MV can be deployed in sterile environments and cleanrooms to perform consistent, reliable packaging productions. Its robust housing is easy-to-clean including the digitial membrane control panel. 

Traceability of sealing parameters

Control and monitor all process parameters, such as seal temperature, seal force and speed. In addition to the provided seal quality guarantee, you are further assured of compliance with the requirements/regulations for your products in your specific industry by means of traceble validation.

Production Consistency

The integrated alarm feature will inform you when the seal temperature is outside of tolerance (+/- 5°C). By having consistency on your production batches you remain assured of the best packaging quality that follow the set requirments of your field.

Calibration, Verification and Validation Services for our Sealers

Audion offers a wide range of instruments and solutions that enable users to test and verify their packaging machines and seals, in order to meet the high market demands. These include: 

  • Seal Integrity Test (SIT) as a service which includes: 

  • Seal check according to ISO 11607-2 (to check intact seal for a specified seal width)
  • Dye penetration test according to ASTM F1929 (to check no channels or open seals)
  • Peel test according to EN 868-5 Annex D (to check tensile strength of seal)
  • Audion Factory Calibration (incl. Calibration Certificate): (Re-) calibration executed by certified engineers certifies the preciseness of the critical sealing parameters of the packaging machine. Reference standards calibrated under ISO17025 accreditation
  • IQ/OQ Check:
    • Installation Qualification (IQ): an Audion service engineer inspects the packaging machine in your operating environment, checking the following aspects: correct installation, functionality, specifications, critical process parameters and documents. Includes training & certificate.
    • Operational Qualification (OQ): an Audion engineer tests and will register seal integrity of your bag(s) in a test plan. Includes determination of sealing parameters, tolerances, acceptable criteria and worst case testing. 
Calibratie Koffers

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Other related solutions to fit your needs:

Audion Factory Calibration

Audion provides professional calibration services for our validatable sealers. The critical process parameters (seal temperature, seal force, seal time, cooling temperature) are measured with traceable measuring devices and a calibration certificate will be issued.


Installation qualification (IQ) and Operational qualification (OQ) scripts are mandatory within the pharma/medical industry due to the high-quality sealing demands. Our team of experts will conduct multiple tests with different scenarios with your pouches to determine that our machine complies to the necessary packaging demands.

Pharma General Best Test

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International Sales