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Contimed D 660 V

This validatable medical rotary sealer offers full control of all critical process parameters and conforms to validation requirements of ISO 11607-2 and its guidance ISO/TS 16775.  Full traceability of all critical process parameters is ensured by integrated USB port. An RS-232 serial port makes it possible to connect a label printer. The D 660 V produces a reliable 9mm high profile knurled seal, conform EN 868-5 and DIN 58953.

Contimed D 660 V

Product information

Contimed D 660 V

This validatable rotary sealer offers high user convenience. Alarms on seal temperature, seal pressure and speed can easily be set and monitored through the digital control panel. The USB port together with the RS-232 serial port allow for data recording and processing through USB and connection to label printer.

The D 660 V produces a reliable 9 mm high profile knurled seal and a throughput of 8 mtr/minute. Together with the easy-to-clean stainless steel housing, this rotary sealer offers a compact, cost-effective packaging solution for sealing PE, PP, PVC, multilayered pouches (PA/PE), medical bags (uncoated Tyvek®) or bags with header cards. An integrated cooling function is available for processing Polyethylene pouches. 

For additional convenience you can expand the D 660 with accessories like a motorized conveyor belt, roller table or work table to support the products and optimize the packaging process. This keeps your hands free to directly feed the next pouch into the machine.


  • Validatable (suitable to operate within the central sterile supply department CSSD)
  • Throughput-speed (8 mtr/min)
  • High profile 9 mm knurled seal
  • Automatic seal pressure regulation
  • Compatible to ISO 11607-2, ISO TS 16775, EN 868-5 and DIN 58953


The Audion Contimed D 660 V gives you as end-user the following benefits

Full control of all critical process parameters
Adjustable seal temperature:
Seal temperature can be adjusted from 10 - 220°C (± 1%)
Safety and quality controlled:
Temperature alarm (temperature accuracy ± 1%), temperature tolerance +/-5°C, pressure alarm tolerance +/-20N, speed alarm tolerance -1,0 mm/min./+0,5 mm/min.
Strong seal performance:
9 mm high profile seal
Automatic alarm stop:
The machine stops automatically when sealing parameters are out of tolerance range.
Seal pressure regulation:
Seal force adjusted to package thickness
Fast throughput speed:
8 meter/minute optimizes the workflow
Adjustable infeed guide:
Free edge over the seal 0 - 32 mm
Integrated USB port and RS 232 port allow data to be recorded or printed
User friendly control panel:
Easy to use digital display (2 lines for 16 characters), membrane keyboard
Compact stainless steel design:
Stainless steel top cover for convenient and hygienic cleaning, epoxy housing
Requires minimal operator training

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Contimed D 660 V with Audion film

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Calibration, Verification and Validation Services

Audion offers a wide range of instruments and solutions that enable users to test and verify their packaging machines and seals, in order to meet the high market demands. These include: 

  • Seal Integrity Test (SIT) as a service which includes: 

  • Seal check according to ISO 11607-2 (to check intact seal for a specified seal width)
  • Dye penetration test according to ASTM F1929 (to check no channels or open seals)
  • Peel test according to EN 868-5 Annex D (to check tensile strength of seal)
  • Audion Factory Calibration (incl. Calibration Certificate): (Re-) calibration executed by certified engineers certifies the preciseness of the critical sealing parameters of the packaging machine. Reference standards calibrated under ISO17025 accreditation
  • IQ/OQ Check:
    • Installation Qualification (IQ): an Audion service engineer inspects the packaging machine in your operating environment, checking the following aspects: correct installation, functionality, specifications, critical process parameters and documents. Includes training & certificate.
    • Operational Qualification (OQ): an Audion engineer tests and will register seal integrity of your bag(s) in a test plan. Includes determination of sealing parameters, tolerances, acceptable criteria and worst case testing. 
The ease of controlling the seal variables and extracting crucial data out of the Contimed Serie makes this line of rotary medical sealer so beloved
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