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Speedpack 400 Bags-on-roll

Realize growth by optimizing labour and warehouse space

Interested in our Speedpack Bags-on-Roll solution?

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Audion SpeedBags

Speedpack Bags-on-Roll to boost your output

Now everybody can pack fast in less warehouse space! With Speedpack Bags-on-Roll it is easy. Reduce the number of manual packing stations and increase your throughput velocity by 5x. Every company benefits Speedpack.

This bagger operates from SpeedBags or (pre-opened bags on roll) and features a compact design. It is assembled with high quality off-the-shelf components and it is designed to withstand rigorous manufacturing environments and maximize uptime.

The 7"colour touchscreen features a user-friendly interface with clear prompts. The sophisticated PLC accomodates job storage, batch counting, packaging statistics and log-in levels. 

Start to operate the Speedpack and give a boost to your productivity, and profitability.

Speedpack can be customized up to your local manufacturing environment. Various options are available to optimise and automate your packagfing process.

The many advantages of the Speedpack Bags-on-Roll open up interesting opportunities to increase your efficiency in many ways.

  • Reduce filling and packing time
  • Increase your productivity and profitability
  • Cycle speed up to 60 bags/minute
  • Wide customizing options available for your product
  • No operating experience level necessary
  • User-friendly, ease of use
  • Various printing and labelling options

Stop waiting and start packing.

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Why Speedpack Bags-on-Roll suits your business...

Maximize your uptime with this fast compact packaging machine.

Fast, Flexible and always a Fit

By integrating a Speedpack into your process, you know that you can immediately benefit from a wide range of options such as a printer, conveyor or various funnels for loading your products. This means that this speed beast can always be configured to fit seamlessly into your packaging process.

1,2,3 Ready (made-SpeedBags)

Start-up and start packing. This machine is designed to set up high volumes in no-time, whether you run batches or uniquely labelled bags. It boosts your output and increases revenue. This Bags-on-Roll version is popular because of the processing speed which is high as it runs from per-opened bags on roll (SpeedBags).

Custom Made for Every Process

Pack your products easy, fast and with the planet in mind. With Speedpack you can. To fit almost all processes the Speedpack family is equipped with a wide variety of options to choose from. The innovative technology inside, together with the 7"color touchscreen with user-friendly interface helps you to pack with extra speed. And when special wishes are required, we are more than happy to design your custom made option. At Audion we love to solve your challenges

Available from Stock

Speedpack Bags-on-Roll increases your productivity together with the handy ready-made SpeedBags. Besides the versatility of Speedpack, operating SpeedBags also has its advantages: SpeedBags are competitively priced and available in several sizes and versions such as clear film, recycle material film, duplex film or mailer film. From now on you will never miss anything again.


Maximize your Product Protection Process

Your products are worth caring for. At Audion we know, getting your product fast and undamaged at your customers is your first priority. 
Speedpack Bags-on-Roll models are a rough diamond. They are designed to operate in rigorous manufacturing environments, under heavy duty circumstances. And at the same time they create your perfect package with care and in high quality.

  • Speedpack Bags-on-Roll is exclusively designed for pre-opened Bags on roll
  • Designed to speed up the packaging process
  • Built with our planet in mind
  • Equipped with a wide variety of (standard) safety options
  • Optimization of existing labour and work space
  • Designed following Audion's ongoing innovation 
  • A real positive impact on your cost efficiency
  • Wide variety of bag presentation options

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Working with Speedpack Bags-on-Roll creates the following benefits

More speed, less downtime, increased output:
Big and small products are packed faster and easier with the ready-made SpeedBags. Getting things done in less time keeps you up and running to grow your business.
Clear 7" color touchscreen:
Our in-House designed and programmed color touchscreen helps you to navigate quick and clear, storing the ideal recipes (max. 50) for each product batch. Featured with built-in self-help diagnostics .
Innovative technologies - Happy people:
Satisfied staff and returning customers who give your company a positive boost. Simply by working with patented and proven efficient machines like Speedpack. Say no to worry. This is the easy, safe and new golden standard of packaging.
High-end PLC:
The integrated PLC accomodates job storage, batch counting, packaging statistics, log-in levels and a built-in seal-help diagnostics for troubleshooting.
Your new best friend:
Speedpack Bags-on-Roll is budget friendly, user friendly and nature friendly. You win in every way!
Wide availability of SpeedBags:
Our home-made SpeedBags converter guarantees the supply of bags for your Speedpack.
Get noticed, take the lead:
Only the best is good enough. Show who you are and what you stand for by using an Audion Speedpack, designed from high-quality components only. Environmentally friendly (packaging) materials customized to your needs.
High connectivity:
Interface port to integrate counters, scales and robotics.
Compact and mobile design:
The compact body has only a minimal footprint in the packaging area, is easy to maneuver and ready to be placed in almost every place.
Attractive pricing and fast ROI:
Increasing output, more revenue and fast ROI making the Speedpack Bags-on-Roll very attractive.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Speedpack 400 with Audion film

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Explore your Options

Customize your Speedpack Bags-on-Roll packaging solution. Make it work to fit your process. At Audion we are always willing to help and advise you.

More Models and Versions - Hybrid and Stainless Steel

Speedpack is available in several versions. Besides this fast bagger, Audion has also designed a Hybrid and High-Speed version. Both work with tubular film, allowing bag lengths to be created for any product on demand. All machines are optionally available in stainless steel, to meet the hygienic and safety requirements in the Food and Medical markets.

Print and Label options

Both thermal printer and label printer are available to provide your packaging with product information, barcodes, addresses or a colored logo. With a label printer or thermal transfer printer you can print via a label or directly on the bag. Set it up for a unique print and application or go for a batch. The printer's display and menu are intuitive and easy to use.

Table Optiweigh Counter - Make it Count

A counting and filling system allows you to fill and pack at the same time. While real-time image processing of the products enables fast, accurate and reliable counting and packing in bulk. The Table Optiweigh Counter consists of a table from which the products are pushed into the bucket with built-in counting and weighing system. Once the required weight is reached, the sealing process is started and the operator can prepare the next bucket, saving operational time.

Optimizer - to Optimize your Flexibility

Ideal for packing sets of parts: a quick sorting and bagging of large batches of parts. Parts to be packed are placed at the sorting table as a bulk and next sorted by the operator and moved onto the conveyor which has been equipped with dividers to separate each set of parts to be packed. The conveyor moves the products to the Speedpack which automatically seals the loaded bag. Speed and timing of the optimizer and conveyor can be adjusted. As well as the direction and the working height

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Let's have a chat

Do you want to know what the Speedpack Bags-on-Roll can offer for your company? Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to exploring together which packing solutions benefit you most.

International Sales

International Sales

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Speedpack 400 Hybrid

Most flexible and innovative bagger creating variable bag length, optimizing existing labour and warehouse space

  1. Type of machine: Floor standing
  2. Seal length: 50 – 400 mm
  3. Type of film: Tubular film/ bags-on-roll
  4. Cycle speed: up to 20 bags/min (tubular)/ up to 60 bags/min (bags-on-roll)
  5. Bag length: 50 – 800 mm
  6. Powered: Pneumatic air
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Speedpack 300 Tabletop

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Speedpack 400 High Speed - Industry

Speedpack 400 High Speed - Industry

Advanced automatic bagger creating bags of any length at exceptional speed, quadrupling packaging output from tubular film

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  2. Seal length: 50 – 400 mm
  3. Type of film: Tubular film/ bags-on-roll
  4. Cycle speed: up to 40 bags/min (tubular)
  5. Bag length: 110 - 800 mm
  6. Powered: Pneumatic air