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Speedpack Horiztontaal Epoxy HERO

Speedpack 400 Horizontal

Horizontal hybrid technology with trusted Speedpack engineering.

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Audion Speedbags

Explore your horizon with and increased output and a view from the top

By adding the horizontal Speedpack to your process, you can pack fragile products safely and easily.

Visibility and specific packaging applications optimize your process, while smart sensors and hybrid technology enable you to pack with an eye on your products.

From now on you can clearly place your products on the infeed conveyor and see exactly what is being packed and when. This keeps you in control at all times.

Don't wait, go for unlimited pack length and buffer your products so that the process can continue. 


Variability and flexibility is what this machine makes unique. Products are easy te place and packed perfect when they come out. 

Take over the view, see the advantages;

  • Ergonomical product placement
  • Get a view from the top
  • Unlimited product length**** check lengte***
  • Configurations with a wide range of options
  • Fast and flexibel
  • Safety features to minimize costs
  • Works with ready made SpeedBags as wel as with tubefilm
Speedpack Horizontal Epoxy
SPKH Horizontal Rvs
Spkh Horizontal Closeup

This makes our Horizontal Speedpack Unique

Take a look and see what Speedpack can do for you. Unique benefits are designed to increase your output, more speed and trusted dependency. Horizontal packaging takes your packaging process to the next level.

Ergonomically Friendly

Standing ergonomically at the workplace is not at all easy. A hard, non-resilient concrete base makes an ergonomic back position almost impossible. 

No Drop

Product valt niet. en daardoor blijft de vorm van het prodcut behouden geschikt voor producten als kleding en slappe prodcuten.. etc

Gentle product handling.

Future-Proof Innovation - Fast Technology

Technology. Oog op de toekomst

Betrouwbaar design voor optimale productie

High Speed (SPKR opbouw)

Positive Product Control

Positive product control for accurate packaging

Zien wat je verpakt, overzicht, bufferopties


Seeing is Believing

Speed, Versatility, Dependability

Innovative bag open system.
......Burst of air initiates bag opening, permitting openers to advance and expand the mouth of the bag and hold it open for product insertion.

Spkh Horizontal Tekstimage


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Everything-under-one-roof, match the Speedpack 400 Horizontal with Audion film

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Explore your Options

Choose the upgrade that makes your process even more efficient

Print and Apply to stand out

Be visible and show what you got. Whether it is general data, barcodes, company logo or other content; the colourful and clear prints, give your products the information they requirere.

Hole in One

When storing your products, a perforation hole can offer a solution. The perforation hole ensures that excess air can escape from the packaging. When more compression with even less air is needed, you can use the Pneumatic Air Press Device to reduce the size of your packaging to a minimum.

Bag Open Safety Sensors

The easy load opener squares the bag for optimal product load. And when you load, the Bag Open Safety Sensors assures that when a bag is in the load position it is open and ready to accept product.

Conveyor Connections

The conveyor can be installed in front, to the back or to the side of the Speedpack, in combination with the seal support conveyor.

SPKH Horizontaal Hoogbeeld

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Do you want to know how Speedpack Hybrid 400 Order Fulfillment can benefit to your company? Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to exploring together which packing solutions benefit you most.

International Sales

International Sales

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Speedpack 400 Hybrid

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  3. Type of film: Tubular film/ bags-on-roll
  4. Cycle speed: up to 20 bags/min (tubular)/ up to 60 bags/min (bags-on-roll)
  5. Bag length: 50 – 800 mm
  6. Powered: Pneumatic air
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