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Packing fast and safely

Safety and hygiene are the leading factors in medical and pharmaceutical industry but can you combine this with speed?

Designed to meet high requirements

Which solutions do you use to pack medical supplies? For our customers in the medical and pharmaceutical sector, safety and hygiene are the leading factors in the packaging process.

In order to meet the high requirements and standards in life science Audion designed the Speedpack Hybrid Medical & Pharmaceutical. This blog and our demonstration video show why this packaging machine adds efficiency and reliability to your packaging process.

The Speedpack Hybrid Medical & Pharmaceutical has been especially designed to meet the high quality and hygiene requirements in medical and pharmaceutical sectors. The design and the technical specifications ensure maximum productivity and safety in very precise packaging processes.

This packaging machine enables you to pack a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical products such as medication, medical instruments, test material for laboratories and other products where hygiene and safety play a major role in the production process.



Efficient and reliable bagger

Our Speedpack Hybrid Medical & Pharmaceutical is a user-friendly packaging machine. This bagger is easy to operate on the basis of the pre-set packaging settings. The Speedpack enables you to increase the reliability and efficiency of your packaging process.


Technical specifications

The Speedpack Hybrid offers a very flexible solution for packaging processes and is used in a wide range of sectors. Audion Packaging Machines has built the Speedpack Hybrid Medical & Pharmaceutical, which also comes in a High Speed or Cleanroom version, especially for the medical and pharmaceutical market.

The technical specifications of the packaging machine differ depending on your choices and the demands on your packaging process. The Speedpack Hybrid Medical & Pharmaceutical always consists, as a minimum, of the following:


  • Validatable sealing system (IQ/QQ scripts)
  • Impulse seal bars to create an 8 mm seal, suitable for sterile packaging materials
  • Clean air inlet and exhaust
  • Robust stainless steel parts


The technical specifications are determined on the basis of various choices in your packaging process, such as the weight of your product, the packaging environment, the packaging material and the degree of automation in your packaging process.


Sealing machine for medical instruments

The Speedpack Hybrid Medical & Pharmaceutical is suitable for sealing a wide range of packaging materials such as layflat tubing, pre-opened bags on roll and sterilised materials such as medical film of varying thicknesses. The size of the packaging can easily be altered using the easy-to-adjust settings, enabling you to easily make savings in terms of packaging materials and costs.


Depending on the automation and settings of the machine, the product and the packaging material, the Speedpack Hybrid Medical & Pharmaceutical will allow you to produce up to 1800 packagings per hour.

Speedpack 400 SPKRS RVS Highspeed
SPK Medical Met Conveyor
Speedpack Met Product
Speedpack300 Met Labelprinter
Speedpack 400 SPKRS Side
Speedpack Hybrid. Tekst Magejpg
Speedpack400 Funnel Pinter
Calibration and validation

Expert in-house (re)-calibration services and replacement parts available from stock

Clean air inlet and exhaust

Compatible for operation in cleanrooms, guaranteeing a clean air flow within the machine and maximizing your indoor air quality.

Seal configurations

1,5 mm heatseal, strong 8 mm impulse seal or Chevron® seal.

Products used for this solution

Speedpack 400 High Speed Medical

Speedpack 400 High Speed Medical

Validatable medical stainless steel bagger creating sterilization bags of any length at exceptional speed

  1. Type of machine: Floor standing
  2. Seal length: 50 – 400 mm
  3. Type of film: Tubular film/ bags-on-roll
  4. Cycle speed: up to 20 bags/min (tubular)
  5. Bag length: 110 - 800 mm
  6. Powered: Pneumatic air
Contimed D 775 MPCV

Contimed D 775 MPCV

Advanced medical rotary sealer with integrated 2 line printer, optimized connectivity

  1. Validatable: Yes
  2. Seal width: 15 mm multiline seal
  3. Throughput: 3 to 13 meter/minute (adjustable)
  4. Control panel: Touchscreen, 24 seal recipe memory
  5. Interface: 3x USB /2x RS232 /1xEthernet/1x PS2/1xVGA
  6. Integrated printer: 18 dots matrix, 2 lines
  7. Conveyor belt: No

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