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Audion Temperature Measurement

Accurate temperature measurement to verify the exact seal temperature

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Designed for precise seal temperature verification

With this sophisticated device, you can measure the temperature between the sealing wires and adjust the machine in accordance with the measured values. The seal temperature always needs to be adjusted after replacing sealing wire. The Audion ATM facilitates accurate adjustment of the seal temperature of your industrial sealer.


The ATM can be used for the complete range of Audion's temperature controlled industrial sealers, as for Audion's validatable vacuum chambers.

  • Conforms to the industry requirements
  • The test result is clearly presented on the digital screen
  • Packed in a solid case
ATM Koffer Open
ATM Koffer

Calibration, Verification and Validation Services

The Audion validatable packaging machines require calibration, verification and validation services on a regular basis. Audion offers a wide range of instruments and solutions enabling users to test and verify their packaging machines and seal integrity, in order to meet the high market requirements.

  • Available verification instruments include:
  • ATM (Audion Temperature Meter): to verify the seal temperature
  • AFMR (Audion Force Measurement Ring): to verify the seal force of a validatable industrial sealer and to adjust the sealer in accordance with the measured values (Power Sealer and MSIDV)
  • ASPM (Audion Seal Pressure Measurement): to verify the seal pressure realized by compressed air (vacuum chambers and Speedpack) and to adjust the machine in accordance with the measured values
  • AVLM (Audion Vacuum Level Measurement): to verify the vacuum pressure
  • Seal Integrity Test (SIT) as a service which includes: 



  • Seal check according to ISO 11607-2 (to check intact seal for a specified seal width)
  • Dye penetration test according to ASTM F1929 (to check no channels or open seals)
  • Peel test according to EN 868-5 Annex D (to check tensile strength of seal)
  • Audion Factory Calibration (incl. Calibration Certificate): (Re-) calibration executed by certified engineers certifies the preciseness of the critical sealing parameters of the packaging machine. Reference standards calibrated under ISO17025 accreditation
  • IQ/OQ Check:
    • Installation Qualification (IQ): an Audion service engineer inspects the packaging machine in your operating environment, checking the following aspects: correct installation, functionality, specifications, critical process parameters and documents. Includes training & certificate.
    • Operational Qualification (OQ): an Audion engineer tests and will register seal integrity of your bag(s) in a test plan. Includes determination of sealing parameters, tolerances, acceptable criteria and worst case testing. 
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Please see below more specifications of the ATM:

Measurement range:
-50°C to 260°C
0,1°C (up to 199,9°C) / 1 °C (above 200°C)
Accuracy display unit:
0.3% of reading + 1°C
Accuracy sensor:
± 2.2 °C or ± 0.3% of measurement (whichever is the larger)
Measuring rate:
2,5 per second
Operating conditions:
+5 ... 50 °C, 30 – 70% RH (non-condensing)
Standard 9V battery
Battery life:
100 hours
Cable length:
1 meter
63 mm (W) x 186 mm (L) x 40 mm (D)
350 grams

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