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Packaging parts at high speed

High speed bagging without any compromise to flexibility and user convenience 

Discover the flagship in automatic bagging

In times like these optimising the packaging process is of crucial importance. Several factors contribute to the success of a manufacturer producing spareparts: product quality, product reliability, but also savings on important packaging costs such as labor and materials. The automatic Speedpack is designed to pack products at speeds of up to 40 bags per minute.


We are pleased to invite you to discover our  flagship in the Speedpack-series: the Speedpack Hybrid High Speed.

What are the advantages of the this promising high-speed packaging machine and in which industries will this Speedpack have a significant impact to profitability and continuity?

Take advantage and discover how the Speedpack Hybrid High Speed can make the difference in parts packaging!

Speedpack 400 SPKRS RVS Highspeed

For ultimate speed in bag making, bag filling and bag printing

The High Speed version of Speedpack offers a great solution. This powerful packaging machine is constructed with two heads: the first head integrating film rollers and offering space for mounting a (label) printer; the back head in which the bag making assembly is integrated. This solution enables you to produce shorter bags at high speed, even when a coding on the bag is desired!

Bottom seal and top seal of the bag are made independently from each other (when the top seal is made on the first bag, the bottom seal is already made at the next bag), facilitating a great capacity!

This high speed bagger is perfectly suitable when small bags are required, f.i. parts packaging, or packaging in medical and pharma industry in medical film.

Speedpackhs Epoxy
SPK Medical Met Conveyor
SPKR Tekstimage
Speedpack 400 SPKRS Side
Speedpack Highspeed2
Speedpack Routing
Speedpack High Speed (1)
SPKR Slider Image3
SPKR Slider Image5
Airpress Device
Speedpack Safety Curtain
Speedbags Vrij
Calibration and validation

Expert in-house (re)-calibration services and replacement parts available from stock

Fast ROI

Save time, reduce your labour costs and increase your production and helps grow your business.

High performance

This high-performer in parts packaging is constructed of two advanced sealing heads, generating quadrupled packaging output from tubular film.

Products used for this solution

Speedpack 400 Hybrid High Speed

Speedpack 400 Hybrid High Speed

Advanced automatic bagger creating bags of any length at exceptional speed, quadrupling packaging output from tubular film

  1. Type of machine: Floor standing
  2. Seal length: 50 – 400 mm
  3. Type of film: Tubular film/ bags-on-roll
  4. Cycle speed: up to 40 bags/min (tubular)
  5. Bag length: 110 - 800 mm
  6. Powered: Pneumatic air
Speedpack 300 Tabletop

Speedpack 300 Tabletop

Industrial all-electric tabletop bagger designed for high productivity bagging, optimizing labour and warehouse space

  1. Type of machine: Table top
  2. Seal length: 300 mm
  3. Type of film: Bags-on-roll
  4. Cycling speed: up to 40 bags/minute
  5. Bag length: 80 – 500 mm
  6. Powered: Electric
Speedpack 400 Hybrid Medical

Speedpack 400 Hybrid Medical

Validatable medical stainless steel bagger creating sterilization bags of any length at exceptional speed

  1. Type of machine: Floor standing
  2. Seal length: 50 – 400 mm
  3. Type of film: Tubular film/ bags-on-roll
  4. Cycle speed: up to 20 bags/min (tubular)
  5. Bag length: 110 - 800 mm
  6. Powered: Pneumatic air

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