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ASW 450

The Audion Stretch Wrapper is a compact and easy-to-use wrapper for packaging food products with an attractive and presentable end result. This wrapper distinguishes itself on the market for its solid and high quality. The adjustable temperature, heated cutiing wire and film roll brake ensure an effortless wrapping process with high quality end results. Ideal for use in fresh food stores, supermarkets, butcher and deli shops, enabling you to easily produce up to 4 packages per minute.

ASW 450

Product information

ASW 450

The Audion Stretch Wrapper 450 offers you a low-maintenance packaging solution that is easy to use and allows for an ergonomic working position.

Placing a roll of stretch film is very easy and guiding it through the machine is effortless due to the convenient built-in guide roller. An adjustable brake actively avoids that the film continues unwinding. The temperature of the sealer plate can by adjusted to best suit the material and thickness of your film. A heated cutting wire enables you to swiftly cut the film to the ideal size, while minimizing production waste. Due to the simplicity of the wrapping process, only minimal operator training is required. As a result, your products will always have well-protected and presentable packaging.

To sum up:

  • Compact lightweight design
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Adjustable seal temperature
  • Heated cutting wire 
  • Adjustable film roll brake
  • Ideal for packing a variety of fresh foods
  • Well-protected and presentable packaging result


Audion Stretch Wrapper 450 gives you the following benefits:

Optimized workflow:
Produce up to 4 packages per minute
Easy placement of stretch film rolls and minimal operator training required.
Adjustable seal temperature:
Allows you to set the temperature to best suit your film type and thickness.
Adjustable brake system to avoid the film roll continues unwinding
Does not require much tabletop space.
Limited production waste:
Heated cutting wire to cut size to the ideal

Everything-under-one-roof, match the ASW 450 with Audion film

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ASW Front

The ASW 450 in action

The compact Audion Stretch Wrapper is a convenient and user-friendly tabletop packaging solution, a straightforward model for quick high-quality fresh food wrapping. 

The ASW 450 will boost your production output with up to 4 packages per minute. The adjustable temperature, heated cutting wire and film roll brake ensure an effortless wrapping process with high quality end-results continuously. Film rolls are easily (re)placed and the stainless steel top cover is easy-to-clean. 

The ease and quickness with which we can wrap our products does not compromise the attractive presentation of the end result.
Glenn Simmler Store manager - Traiteur Olivine
ASW In Use

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