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Polyolefin shrink film

Centre folded polyolefin shrink film, offering high clarity, ideal for bundling products or point-of-sale packaging, giving your product a professional finish presentation. For shrink wrapping polyolefin shrink film all Audion L-Sealers and shrink wrappers can be applied. Audion shrink film is available in various widths and thicknesses (15 and 19 micron). Sizes mentioned are centre folded (meaning 30 cm film width equals to 60 cm flat/ unfolded).

Polyolefin shrink film

Product information

Polyolefin shrink film

Audion polyolefin centre folded shrink film has a superior gloss and clarity. This thin centre folded film performs to a higher strength. Ideal for use in shrink wrapping machines and L-Sealers to bundle products and give your products a glossy shine. Audion shrink film is available in roll widths varying between 20 and 55 cm, in thicknesses of 15 or 19 micron. Alternate sizes are available on request.

Our polyolefin fine shrink film is perfect for all common packaging machines, L-Sealers and I-Sealers. Ideal for shrink wrapping and shrink wrapping books, CD's, picture frames, cosmetics, etc. This shrink film has excellent seal strength and shrink properties.


The Audion shrink film gives you as end-user the following benefits

Compact packaging:
As the material molds to the shape of the product, convenient for transport and storage:
Highly recyclable and no harmful fumes are released during the heating process

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Audion shrink film in use

This polyolefin shrink film is shrinkable with a wide range of machines.

It can be used manually with a heat gun, but also on a high-volume scale with, for example, a CS-Matic automatic shrink sealer that works with a continuous side sealer and a longitudinal intermittent sealing system.

Audion shrink film gives our products a strong protection and a nice glossy presentation
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Products related to the Shrink film

Heat gun

Heat gun

The Heat gun can be used to shrink film around products that are sealed in heat shrinkable film with for example an L-sealer.

Audionpack H25

Audionpack H25

Shrink packer that seals and shrinks in one step. Ideal for small/medium production quantities.

L 800SA

L 800SA

Top quality L Sealer, fully equipped as a standard. Seal and wrap easily various sizes of products

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