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Audionpack H25

The Audionpack H25 hood shrink packer is the big brother of the Audionpack H20. With a seal length of 560 mm larger products can easily be packed. It combines the latest technology with a smart construction in order to go for the perfect package!

Audionpack H25

Product information

Audionpack H25

With the Audionpack H25 hood shrink packer you can easily shrink films over your product to create a better presentation and protect your product during transport. In one step the Audionpack H25 will seal and shrink at the same time. Although it has a large sealing length of 560 mm, it is still compact and mobile for versatile use.

The Audionpack H25 is ideal for small/medium production quantities (up to 300 packs per hour). This semi-automatic hood shrink packer can seal various thickness of films. Seal-, shrink- and delay time can easily be stored for your product. Film perforators and worktop are adjustable to your product - you basically can't go wrong.

The hood is closed by an electronic hold-down magnet during the seal and heat-shrink wrapping operations. Almost any product can be shrink wrapped in this clever machine. The Audionpack H25 has - due to an accurate temperature control - a better seal quality and longer wire lifetime compared to most other similar machines in this market segment.

The Audionpack H25 has a 520 x 380 mm chamber size, accomodates up to 260 mm high product dependent on total size, and can use a shrink film up to 600 mm wide.

Watch our shrink film list for selecting high quality shrink film for your product. 


The Audionpack H25 gives you as end-user the following benefits

One hand operation:
Sealing and shrinking in one operation
Efficient oparation:
6 Programs can be set to store seal, shrink and delay time for each product or film used
Hood hold-down by electromagnet with automatic hood release
Accurate temperature control:
Optimal seal quality and long wire life
Long-life sealing/cutting wire:
Due to the PTFE coating
Easy maintenance:
Longer-lasting solid state relays providing easier maintenance
Ability to seal very thin films:
Adjustable shrink time to seal thinner or thicker shrink films
Fitted with braked castors to use anywhere
Built for the future:
Ergonomics and reduced power consumption
Clever construction:
Air cooling of the machine frame

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Audionpack H25 with Audion film

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Hoodsealer H25

The Audionpack H25 in action

The Audionpack H25 hood shrink packer is a combination of a seal and shrink machine for small/medium production quantities and for packaging a wide variety of products, including large boxes, gift baskets, and baked goods.

The Audionpack H25 can pack larger products than the Audionpack H20.

The hood is closed manually and an electromagnet holds it down during the film sealing and heat-shrink wrapping cycle.

The easy to read LCD display is equipped with 6 storable work programs and a 16-bit microprocessor card, that allows a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as:

    • machine status
    • number of packs produced by an electronic pack counter
    • adjustment of the sealing temperature
    • adjustment of the shrink time
    • adjustment of the shrink chamber temperature
    • adjustment of the shrink delay
    • adjustment of the hood opening delay
    • troubleshooting
Audion understood my packaging needs, resulting in a packaging machine with the perfect fit.
Mrs. Lieke Hansen Owner Fascino Coffee
Lieke Hansen Fascino Koffie

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