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Foot pedal Futura Portable seal tong

This foot operation can be used in combination with the Futura Portable seal tongs. Using the pedal allows you to keep both hands free while the seal tong is clamped to the table.

Foot pedal Futura Portable seal tong

Product information

Foot pedal Futura Portable

The Futura seal tongs can be operated with this pedal when the seal tong is being clamped on a bar or a table. Leaving both of your hands free to pack the products.

The foot operation is a complete set which includes the chain and clamps to mount it on a table. Combine it with the Futura seal tongs and you have a complete set. 


Please see below more specifications of the Audion Foot operation for  Futura Portable tongs

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Stainless steel / Metal epoxy coating

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