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Stretch film

Stretch film from roll, to easily wrap your products on a tray by wrapping the stretch film around. The film clings together and is thus immediately secured. Ideal for manual shrink wrapping in retail such as covering foam trays and meat trays and tray sealing with the ASW 450.

Stretch film

Product information

Stretch film

This stretch film is easy in use due to its elasticity. Transparent stretch film, made of PVC, 12 micron thickness.

You pull the film off the roll, and wrap it around the product to easily pack your products. Ideal for covering foam trays and meat trays, among other things. The film clings together and is thus immediately secured.


The Audion Stretch film gives you as end-user the following benefits

Easy-to-use material:
Directly applicable, fast packaging result
Transparant material:
Highly visible product presentation
Suitable for food:
This stretchfilm has been approved for packing food

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Stretch film in use

Wrap the product with the stretch film and flip the remaining pieces over to the bottom.

For extra secure closure, use the Audion Wrapper to seal the film with the perfect heat setting.

Our products are packed easy and fast with this Audion stretch film.
Peter Lantinga Butcher

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Its strong combination of low price, compact design and easy operation makes this the perfect machine to integrate in the packaging process of contract packers and to use in fresh food sections in supermarkets, butchers, groceries and deli-shops.

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