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Super Cello

Portable heat sealing tong for sealing complex film materials on site. Very suitable for sealing paper and aluminium laminate bags (f.i. coffee packaging). 420 Mm sealing length, profiled PTFE coated 10 mm width heat seal. Note: this heat sealer is not suitable for sealing Polyethylene!

Super Cello

Product information

Super Cello

These heat sealing tongs can be used for a variety of applications requiring a constant heat sealer that can be used at the location of the item to be sealed. The 4,5 metre long power cable enables the user to walk around with the sealing tong and seal packages on site. The comfortable insulated grip of the sealing tong keeps the handle cool even when the temperature of the jaws rises to 250°C.

Super Cello can be used for sealing paper and aluminium laminates. The temperature of the sealing bars can be adjusted from 60°C to 250°C to suit the type and thickness of the material to be sealed. Both sealing bars are heated providing efficient heat distribution.

The Super Cello is equipped with PTFE coated seal bars.
Note: Super Cello is not suitable for sealing Polyethylene.


The Audion Super Cello gives you as end-user the following benefits

Portable, easy to transport
Wide reach:
Through its long cable (4,5m)
Easy to use:
Plug and play

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Super Cello with Audion film

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The Super Cello in action

This handheld heat sealer is compact in size and has a long reach, works practically and flexibly. The Super Cello is very easy to operate. The jaws are closed by hand and then released once sealing is complete.

The temperature can easily be adjusted by a spinning wheel. The green light is on when the seal tong is warming up. This switches off automatically when the set temperature is reached. 

Perfectly employable in industries such as: food, industrial parts, office supplies, packaging & logistics and pet food.

Audion understood my packaging needs, resulting in a packaging machine with the perfect fit.
Mrs. Lieke Hansen Owner Fascino Coffee
Lieke Hansen Fascino Koffie

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