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Super Poly

Handheld bi-active impulse seal tong. Ideal for sealing polyethylene bags up to 2 x 0,3 mm and most laminate bags (a simple test will tell you if the Super Poly will be adequate to seal your film). 460 cm power cable for mobile purpose. Only operational in combination with Transformer (TPS), to be ordered separately.

Super Poly

Product information

Super Poly

The Audion Super Poly is a handheld bi-active impulse sealer designed facilitate mobile use. When closing the jaws an impulse heat will seal the film.

The Super Poly seal tong needs to be connected to a transformer (TPS) at which the seal time can be set accordingly to the film you are using. Once the jaws are closed the button can be pressed to start the seal cycle, indicated by a control light. After the sealing time has passed (max. 1-3 sec.) the sealing stops automatically, the control light will switch off and you can open the jaws to take out the sealed film.

Due to its portable character the Super Poly is particularly suitable for sealing different types of shaped products. The bi-active seal bars (meaning both upper and lower seal bar are heated-up during the seal cycle) allow you to seal thicker film.

Advantages of using impulse sealers over heat sealers: no warm-up time needed and no need for a cool-down time neither. As a result, maximum safety and minimum energy consumption.

Length power cable : 460 cm
Note: Transformer (TPS) needs to purchased separately

An extra extension cable (5 meter) is optional to extend your mobility range.

  • How to operate:

The use is very simple. Once released, the sealing tong closes with a pressure spring. A simple pressure on a push button activates the sealing process, indicated by a control light. Once the sealing time has ended (1 to 3 seconds maximum), the power is automatically stopped and the indicator light goes out. After a few seconds of cool down, the tongs can be opened and the sealed bag can be released.


The Super Poly gives you as end-user the following benefits

Practical application:
Suitable for sealing non-standard shapes
Bi-active seal:
Allows you to seal thicker film: both upper and lower seal bar are heated during the seal process
The long-distance 4,6 m cable allows an easy access to the product to be sealed
Control light:
Indicates when the seal cycle has finished
Adjustable seal timer:
The seal time can be adjusted which allows you to seal a large variety of different films

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Super Poly with Audion film

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Super Poly

The Super Poly in action

The Audion Super Poly is a versatile handheld  and powerful impulse sealer which has proven his value over and over. The compact and light design of the handheld in combination with the long cable makes it flexible and easy in use.

Connect the handheld to the transformer and you are ready to go. By simply pushing the button sealing tong the sealing cycle starts. The control light indicates when the sealing time is over. No warm-up time needed and no need for a cool-down time neither.  When the control light switches off the sealing stops automatically and the tongs can be opened again.

By selecting the ideal bag length on the fly, material savings of up to 25% could be realized
Mr. Clem Scheffelaar Operations Manager Active Ants
Clem Active Ants

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