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Avoid contamination during packing

Speedpack Hybrid Medical bagger is ideal for packaging face shields, masks and other medical protective equipment (PPE).

Sterile Barrier Packing

Sterile packaging is designed to keep bacteria and other micro organisms away from the contents of the package. It is used for medical and pharmaceutical supplies and any other material that can be compromised by germs.

Achieving and maintaining the sterility of medical devices is one of the main challenges facing the industry. This is where packaging systems like the Audion Speedpack play a crucial role. Sterile barrier system refers to minimum packaging that prevents contamination and helps to sterilize the finished product. The system must guarantee sterility throughout the whole supply chain from production through to the operation room.

The method of delivering the device to the sterile field in the operation room determines the use of single or double barrier packaging. There are many aspects of packaging which require detailed design, testing knowledge and expertise. Working with experienced packaging professionals like Audion gives you the following advantages:  

  • Reducing costs
  • Being more efficient
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Increasing packaging capacity
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Keep it sterile

With this machine we can help package medical products in separate bags to keep them sterile. A simple way to avoid packaging in bulk and contamination. This solution can help your entity avoid a second outbreak of COVID-19.


The Speedpack Hybrid Medical is applicable in laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, medical, medtech and pharmaceutical companies. Designed for pharma and medical sectors it is available in validatable, cleanroom and highspeed version. It works with various medical film types which are suitable for sterilization purposes.


Customize this system with a wide range of options according to your application.

Speedpack 400 SPKRS RVS Highspeed
SPK Medical Met Conveyor
Medical Package2
Speedpack 400 SPKRS Side
Pharma Image General
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Calibration and validation

Expert in-house (re)-calibration services and replacement parts available from stock

ISO 11607

Comply with international regulations and medical requirements, like ISO 11607 part 1 and 2 and use in cleanrooms.

Ease of use

Self-diagnostics ensure quick problem solving.

Products used for this solution

Speedpack 400 High Speed Medical

Speedpack 400 High Speed Medical

Validatable medical stainless steel bagger creating sterilization bags of any length at exceptional speed

  1. Type of machine: Floor standing
  2. Seal length: 50 – 400 mm
  3. Type of film: Tubular film/ bags-on-roll
  4. Cycle speed: up to 20 bags/min (tubular)
  5. Bag length: 110 - 800 mm
  6. Powered: Pneumatic air
Power Sealer PLUS

Power Sealer PLUS

High-end industrial validatable impulse sealer designed for most critical and heavy duty packaging applications

  1. Seal width: 8 mm
  2. Seal length: 520 | 720 | 1020 | 1320 mm
  3. Type of seal: Temperature-, time- and pressure controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Pneumatic (air)
  5. Operating: Touchscreen /50 pre-set recipes
  6. Validatable: Yes
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: Yes, optional
  8. Compatible with: EN 868-5 | DIN 58953 | part 7 norms | ISO 11607-2 | ISO/TS 16775
  9. Accuracy: ++++
Contimed D 775 MPCV

Contimed D 775 MPCV

Advanced medical rotary sealer with integrated 2 line printer, optimized connectivity

  1. Validatable: Yes
  2. Seal width: 15 mm multiline seal
  3. Throughput: 3 to 13 meter/minute (adjustable)
  4. Control panel: Touchscreen, 24 seal recipe memory
  5. Interface: 3x USB /2x RS232 /1xEthernet/1x PS2/1xVGA
  6. Integrated printer: 18 dots matrix, 2 lines
  7. Conveyor belt: No

Benefits of working with Audion

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Durable quality

Audion stands for world-class quality, we embed quality in every process
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