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Packaging in cleanrooms

Packing demands in life science are ever-increasing due to the complexity and vulnerability of components to be packed.

Our vision on high-tech

In this article we will discuss the unique properties of the Power Sealer and how they come into their own in the packaging of high-tech parts in cleanroom conditions.

Audion Packaging Machines has been the trusted supplier of packaging solutions to suppliers and leading companies active in precision technology and high-tech markets for many years. 

The high-tech industry continues to grow unabated. At the same time, we see that the demands placed on components are increasing. Companies and suppliers must continue to innovate and design, produce and assemble at the highest level in order to maintain their competitive edge. Packaging is extremely important, especially for high-quality equipment, machines, machine parts or loose precision components. This is mainly driven by the ever-increasing complexity and vulnerability of these components.

Calibration Services Audion

Power Sealer in precision technology and cleanroom conditions

Many of the leading companies we supply to have a cleanroom environment. A cleanroom is a clean working environment that is designed to reduce or eliminate contamination of the product, production process or research taking place in that environment. The atmosphere in a (ISO 5) cleanroom must contain 10,000 times fewer particles larger than 0.5 µm than normal atmosphere. That’s from 35 million parts per cubic metre to about 3,500. Audion Packaging Machines has developed a vacuum sealer specifically designed for use in cleanroom environments. A number of important adjustments have been made for this purpose. These adjustments were made after intensive cooperation with contamination experts from various companies. This has resulted in a range of sealers and vacuum sealers that fully meet all the requirements of an ISO 5 cleanroom environment.

Calibration and validation in cleanroom environments

Especially in the high-tech and medical world, there is a high demand for process validation. Each package must meet specific requirements. Especially in the medical world it is important to use sealers that can be calibrated, which makes validation of sealing processes possible. Validation of sealing processes ensures that guarantees can be given for the continuous quality of the seal. This concerns parameters such as sealing pressure, sealing time and temperature. The Powersealer can be supplied with a calibration certificate if required.

VAC PSR PLUS 720 Op Gemotoriseerd Support
Pharmaceutical Solution (1)
Powersealer BMW
Hoogbeeld VAC PSR 1020 Roller Conveyor On SP PSR
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Like many of our customers active in the precision and high-tech industry, we also continue to innovate, in terms of quality, operating comfort and convenience, but also in terms of connectivity and local/remote data analysis.

Powersealer USPs:

  • Proven quality in cleanroom environments
  • Different sizes (520 mm, 720 mm, 1020 mm)
  • Validated sealing process possible
  • Calibration possible
  • Easy to operate
  • All models in stainless steel
  • Vacuum by means of clean Venturi pump
  • Multiple compressed air extraction options
  • Extensive customisation possible

Audion Packaging Machines

Audion Packaging Machines was founded in 1947 and is a manufacturer of machines for packaging solutions. Our head office is located in the Netherlands and has production locations in the Netherlands and Germany. With a global network, we are represented in more than 65 countries. One of the unique features of Audion Packaging Machines is that, unlike other machine builders, we manage all engineering and production in-house. The advantage of in-house engineering and production is that, in addition to a wide standardised product range, we are also able to develop very customer-specific packaging solutions.

Calibration and validation

Expert in-house (re)-calibration services and replacement parts available from stock

Integrated vacuum / gas flush system

All validatable Power Sealers can be configured for ‘sealing only’ or with an integrated vacuum system.

Total control

Control all critical seal parameters and export them to investigate the seal data.

Products used for this solution

Power Sealer Temperature Controlled

Power Sealer Temperature Controlled

Advanced industrial impulse sealer with integrated Audion Temperature Controller designed for high-tec and food industry

  1. Seal width: 8 mm
  2. Seal length: 520 | 720 | 1020 mm
  3. Type of seal: Temperature and time controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Pneumatic (air)
  5. Operating: Audion Touch Techware / 50 recipes
  6. Validatable: Calibration possible at temperature value
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: Yes, optional
  8. Compatible with: Compatible with EN 60204-1 and fully complies to ISO 12100, ISO 4414 and ISO 14118.
  9. Accuracy: +++
Power Sealer PLUS

Power Sealer PLUS

High-end industrial validatable impulse sealer designed for most critical and heavy duty packaging applications

  1. Seal width: 8 mm
  2. Seal length: 520 | 720 | 1020 | 1320 mm
  3. Type of seal: Temperature-, time- and pressure controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Pneumatic (air)
  5. Operating: Touchscreen /50 pre-set recipes
  6. Validatable: Yes
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: Yes, optional
  8. Compatible with: EN 868-5 | DIN 58953 | part 7 norms | ISO 11607-2 | ISO/TS 16775
  9. Accuracy: ++++
Vacuum Power Sealer PLUS IP65 Bag-in-box

Vacuum Power Sealer PLUS IP65 Bag-in-box

For bag-in-box packaging operations that require complete quality control, high sanitation and excellence in vacuum results

  1. Seal width: 8 mm
  2. Seal length: 1720 mm
  3. Type of seal: Temperature-, time-, and pressure controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Pneumatic (air)
  5. Operating: Touchscreen /50 pre-set recipes
  6. Validatable: Yes
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: Yes, standard
  8. Compatible with: EN 868-5 / DIN 58953 / part 7 norms / ISO 11607-2 / ISO/TS 16775
  9. Accuracy: ++++

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