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Seal Check Roll

In order to ensure safety of your product packed, the seal integrity should be regularly tested. This Seal Check Roll is designed to facilitate routine seal tests.

Seal Check Roll

Product information

Seal Check Roll

Seal indicator material for routine checking of seal integrity

The Seal Check Roll is partly black coated and partly pre-printed with data to collect in order to identify each seal. The black coated material simply identifies any defective areas in the seal.

The seal check indicator should be placed between the film layers during sealing. By sealing the black coating along with the film, the seal becomes clearly visable and imperfections can easily be detected with the naked eye. The lower part of the Seal Check allows you to register data about the seal (serie number machine, seal temperature, seal pressure, seal speed, operator, date, location, etc).

The Seal Check sheet can be cut according to the sealing bar length, to inspect the full length of the seal.

Suitable for:

  • Transparent films: PA/PE film laminates, PE, paper/PP medical bags used on Power Sealers, MSIDV, Audionvac and Speedpack
  • Sheets from the Seal Check Roll comply with EN 868-3 and ISO 11607-2 .
  • It allows you to track every seal to ensure product safety.



Specifications of the Audion seal check roll

Article number:
50 metres per roll
75 mm

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Curious which product suits your packing needs?

Do you want to know how Seal Check Sheets can facilitate your Seal Integrity Test processes? Please feel free to contact me as I am looking forward to explore together which packaging solution will benefit you most.

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