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Sealboy Magneta

The flagship under the hand sealers. Robust impulse sealer, equipped with knife and an electromagnet closure which controls both sealing and cooling time to ensure consistent seals independent of the operator. The sealing arm automatically opens after the set sealing time has expired. Top quality worry-free sealer with 3 years guarantee.

Sealboy Magneta

Product information

Sealboy Magneta

The Audion Sealboy Magneta makes everybody a packing expert by safeguarding all critical steps of the sealing process. Ideal for repetitive packaging because of the electromagnet offering comfort and consistent quality.*

The electromagnet of the Audion Sealboy Magneta automatically keeps the pressure-arm closed during the seal cycle ensuring consistent seals independent of the operator. Sealing- and cooling time can be adjusted according to the thickness of the film which needs to be sealed. An indicator light allows you to monitor the sealing process so you can operate it as efficiently as possible.

This tabletop impulse sealer is standard equipped with a cutting device, which makes it possible to produce your own custom bags from tubular film and enables you to cut off the rest film above the seal. After completing the sealing cycle, the pressure arm opens automatically and the sealer is ready to make the next package.

The Sealboy Magneta is made in the Netherlands from high quality materials. It has a 3-year manufacturer's warranty (excluding wear parts). Audion provides a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on the built-in transformer.

*Tip: In order to work fast & efficiently, the seal length should be about 10% longer than the bag opening.


The Audion Sealboy Magneta gives you as end-user the following benefits

Suitable for continuous use
Electromagnet closure:
User-friendly and reliable, ensures consistent seals independent of the operator
Integrated knife:
To produce bags from tubular film and easily cut of leftover film
Wide application:
Anywhere small to medium quantities of bags are sealed

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Sealboy Magneta with Audion film

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Videostill Sealboy Magneta

The Sealboy Magneta in action

This machine is very user-friendly and requires minimal operator instruction. The electromagnet of the Audion Sealboy Magneta makes everybody a packing expert, offering user convenience for repeated production. 

A seal cycle is started by simply pressing the pressure arm down. The electromagnet holds it firmly in the correct place, providing the seal with equally distributed sealing pressure over the entire length of the seal. If necessary, the residual film above the seal can be cut-off directly during the sealing cycle.

Due to the widely available spare parts and the maintenance-friendly construction of the sealbar, the maintenance of the Audion Sealboy Magneta can quickly be done by someone with basic technical knowledge, which guarantees a long life of the product.

Audion understood my packaging needs, resulting in a packaging machine with the perfect fit.
Mrs. Lieke Hansen Owner Fascino Coffee
Lieke Hansen Fascino Koffie

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