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Industrial Sealmaster ISM

The Master among the smaller tabletop sealers: industrial, but electrical driven. Producing a powerful and strong (bi-active) 5 mm seal, enabling to seal thicker materials as well. Sealing and cooling time can precisely be set in the digital control panel. Designed for packaging parts and food, provided with a heavy duty covering and seal wire tensioners which accomodate intensive sealing. 3 Years warranty.

Industrial Sealmaster ISM

Product information

ISM - Industrial Sealmaster

A reliable electrically powered industrial sealer suitable for heavy-duty packaging operations.

The digital control panel easily allows you to set the ideal sealing and cooling time for each film. The sealing bars are closed by means of a light pressure on the electric foot operation after which the ISM will produce a powerful and strong 5 mm seal, driven by the electromotor. Special sealwire tensioners ensure the sealwire remains optimally tight during the seal process and enable a continuous high quality and reliable 5 mm seal as well as actively preventing early wear of PTFE strips, even during intensive heavy-duty packaging operations.

The Industrial Sealmaster is suitable for sealing practically all modern film types e.g. PE/PP and even laminated film materials are effortlessly sealed to ensure a safe and reliable packaging of your products.

Extra advantages:

  • Operational as tabletop or mounted on an optional support
  • 3 year limited warranty (excluding wearing parts)



The Industrial Sealmaster gives you as end-user the following benefits

Simple digital control panel, requires minimal operator training
Bi-active sealing bars:
Enables you to seal most modern film types incl. laminates
No compressed air needed:
Easily movable to other part of the area, plug in & seal!
Industrial sealwire tensioners:
High-quality seal and preventing wearing of the PTFE strips
Low maintenance:
Sealwire fasteners accomodate lower wearage. Wearing parts quickly replaceable.
Versatile application:
Ready-made bags / Tubular film / Tabletop / Support-mounted
Electrical foot operation and automatic opening after finish of seal cycle

Everything-under-one-roof, match the ISM with Audion film

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Available accessories

Support for ISM

Support for ISM

Stainless steel support to optimize the workflow and increase ergonomics


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The ISM in action

The Industrial Sealmaster is used worldwide in versatile applicatons. The optional design in stainless steel, together with the impressive powerful seal pressure makes this machine brilliant for packaging food and parts. 

Whether you pack your products with ready-made bags or prefer to produce custom-sized bags from tubular film: the optional knife and solid machine support with film holder offer you a complete and professional packaging solution ensuring high-quality consistent seals, even after repetitive use. By a light pressure on the electric foot operation the seal cycle is initiated and the seal bars are hold down with the integrated electromagnet. An easy way of sealing, independant of the skills of your operator.

The Industrial Sealmaster ISM is made in The Netherlands and includes an industry-leading three year warranty.

We waste less unnecessary film due to the ability to cut the proper packaging size by using tubular film
Marc Beijlenveld Chief Operating Officer - Geary

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