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Manual Support Frame for Industrial Sealers

Audion's New Industrial Support Frame: Durability, Mobility, Versatility.

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New Industrial Support Frame for Audion Industrial Sealers

Designed with versatility and durability in mind!

Crafted from premium stainless steel, this frame boasts robustness and stability, ensuring seamless operation in any industrial setting. The frame provides a sturdy foundation for your sealer, allowing for precise height adjustments with ease.

One of the standout features of our Support Frame is its compact and smart design. The frame is conveniently sub-assembled and can be easily mounted. Packed in separate carton boxes, it reduces shipping volume and shipping costs.

But the benefits don't end here. We've prioritized convenience at every turn: enhanced mobility. Equipped with larger white polyamide locking casters, you can easily maneuver your sealer around the production facility.

And the versatility doesn't stop there. Our Support Frame is compatible with a range of extra accessories, including the Bag support for vertical sealing, Roller Conveyor for seamless material handling, and Height Adjustment feet for scenarios where casters are not preferred. Each accessory is thoughtfully packed in carton boxes, ready to be stacked for efficient shipping and deployment.



Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Audion, and our new Support Frame is no exception. With its unrivaled durability, mobility, and versatility, it's set to redefine the standard for industrial sealing equipment support. 

Manual Frame advantages: 

  • Durability: Crafted from premium stainless steel for long-lasting performance in any industrial environment.
  • Mobility: Equipped with larger locking casters for easy maneuvering around the production facility.
  • Versatility: Compatible with Power Sealers PSR, VAL PSR, PSR TC, PSR PLUS and ISMS, and can be further customized with optional accessories like Bag support, Roller Conveyor, and Height Adjustment feet.
  • Convenience: Sub-assembled and packed in separate cartons for reduced shipping volume and cost, and easy assembly.
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Industrial Manual Frame Benefits

The new Audion Industrial Frame: heavy-duty mobile support frame with convenient accessories (also available with optional height adjustment feet)

Robust design

Crafted from premium stainless steel, this sturdy manual frame ensures long-lasting performance even in demanding industrial environments. You can rely on its robust construction for consistent packaging operations.

Easy maneuvering

This mobile frame allows easy relocation around your production facility. Whether you need to reposition your Audion Industrial Sealer for maintenance or optimize floor space, mobility is at your fingertips.

Durable convenience

Your industrial support frame arrives sub-assembled and is packed in separate cartons to minimize the shipping volume and associated costs, while the easy assembly ensures swift integration into your workflow.

Flexible configuration

Designed to work seamlessly with various Power Sealers models—such as PSR, VAL PSR, PSR TC, PSR PLUS, and the ISMS series, our support frame adapts to your specific needs. Enhance functionality further by adding optional accessories like a Bag Support, Roller Conveyor, and Height Adjustment Feet.


The Audion Manual Industrial Frame gives you the following benefits

Custom fit:
With our selection of compatible accessories, you can take control of your sealing process. Complete your setup to suit your specific requirements with either an optional Roller Conveyor, Bag Support or Height Adjustable Feet, to optimize your packaging operations.
Minimize downtime, maximize productivity:
The pre-assembled design and separate packing of your Industrial Frame facilitates quick installation, getting your operations up and running in no time.
Workflow efficiency:
The mobility of the frame with lockable wheels allows it to be easily moved within the production facility. This allows your industrial sealer to be deployed when and where needed, streamlining your workflow and increasing productivity.
Enhanced ergonomics:
The adjustable machine angle and height feature enables operators to comfortably work at their preferred height and seal angle, reducing fatigue and promoting better posture, ultimately leading to improved worker well-being and potentially, fewer injuries.

Everything-under-one-roof, match your Industrial Sealer with Audion film

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Explore the available accessories

Customize your Industrial Frame to your unique requirements

Height Adjustment Feet

Ensure your Industrial Sealer stays level on uneven floors and provide a rock-solid base for perfect seals.

Bag Support

Ensures both operator hands are free to effortlessly manage and easy guide even heavy, bulky bags into the seal bar opening.

Roller Conveyor

Seamlessly integrates an Audion Industrial Sealer within your existing production line, improving workflow and reducing worker fatigue.


The worktable creates a small but convenient dedicated work area for products to be organized and keeps both operator hands available to effortlessly guide the package through the sealing process.

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Discover our Power Sealer line:

  1. Power Sealer

This no-nonsense Power Sealer forms the solid basis of the renowned Power Sealer line. The outstanding 5 mm sealing performance is achieved by a pneumatic bi-active and time-controlled impulse sealing system. Standard vacuum feature integrated. 

  1. Validatable Power Sealer 

This model is validatable and generates an 8 mm temperature- and time controlled seal. The validation enables that critical seal variables like seal force, seal temperature and seal time are being controlled.

The Power Sealer TC is a high-performance temperature controlled sealing machine designed for demanding packaging needs in the high-tech and food industries. It features a durable stainless steel housing, touchscreen interface, and powerful bi-active and pneumatic seal bars that ensure consistent, airtight seals. 

  1. Power Sealer PLUS  

The next step in the Power Sealer line is the Plus version. With its unique and most precise system of validation it meets todays' most stringent packaging requirements. 8 mm Temperature- , time- and force controlled seal. Includes Audion Touch Techware.

  1. Power Sealer PLUS IP65

Our flagship model in the Power Sealer line. Especially designed for dusty, humid or regulated (clean room) production environments. Highly advanced validatable impulse sealer. An 8 mm temperature-, time and force controlled seal. Includes Audion Touch Techware. Also available in Bag-in-box configuration.

The Power Sealer XL has the largest sealing length of the Power Sealer range. With a sealing length up to 2500 mm it can effortlessly provide your largest products with customized packaging or protective covers by means of an 8 mm seal. Optional validation: temperature-, time- and force controlled sealing. 

Unique steamsealer enabling bags to be sealed without electrical power supply. Instead, it uses pressurized steam to operate. suitable for explosive environments. 8 mm temperature controlled seal.

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Available in shop Industrial Sealmaster ISM

Industrial Sealmaster ISM

Powerful tabletop sealer for heavy duty application - electrically driven

  1. Seal width: 5 mm (bi-active)
  2. Seal length: 420 | 620 | 1020 mm
  3. Type of seal: Time controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Electric
  5. Operating: Digital panel to set sealing and cooling time/ 1 recipe
  6. Validatable: No
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: No
Power Sealer Temperature Controlled

Power Sealer Temperature Controlled

Advanced industrial impulse sealer with integrated Audion Temperature Controller designed for high-tec and food industry

  1. Seal width: 8 mm
  2. Seal length: 520 | 720 | 1020 mm
  3. Type of seal: Temperature and time controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Pneumatic (air)
  5. Operating: Audion Touch Techware / 50 recipes
  6. Validatable: Calibration possible at temperature value
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: Yes, optional
  8. Compatible with: Compatible with EN 60204-1 and fully complies to ISO 12100, ISO 4414 and ISO 14118.
  9. Accuracy: +++
Power Sealer PLUS

Power Sealer PLUS

High-end industrial validatable impulse sealer designed for most critical and heavy duty packaging applications

  1. Seal width: 8 mm
  2. Seal length: 520 | 720 | 1020 | 1320 mm
  3. Type of seal: Temperature-, time- and pressure controlled impulse seal
  4. Powered: Pneumatic (air)
  5. Operating: Touchscreen /50 pre-set recipes
  6. Validatable: Yes
  7. Vacuum & gas flush system: Yes, optional
  8. Compatible with: EN 868-5 | DIN 58953 | part 7 norms | ISO 11607-2 | ISO/TS 16775
  9. Accuracy: ++++

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