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Eco sealer

A basic impulse sealer generating a 2 mm seal on PE/PP bags or tubular polyethylene film. The optional knife allows you to make your own customized bags at any length. Designed for low-volume sealing (not suitable for industrial production or repetitive use). Maximum available seal length 400 mm.

Eco sealer

Product information

Eco sealer

This practical impulse sealer is suitable for sealing PE/PP bags and tubular films up to 400 mm seal length*.

To operate the Eco sealer the pressure arm needs to be closed manually after which the sealing cycle starts. After the preset sealing time, the sealing cycle is complete and the excess film can easily be cut off with the optional knife, parallel to the 2 mm seal. When using film rolls (film tube), you can create bags of any length with the integrated knife, ideal for packaging parts, chocolates, gifts and much more.

This table sealer is equipped with a fixed (not removable) sealbar. Maintenance can be done by replacing the PTFE and sealwire which are available in a convenient set of spare parts.

*Tip: In order to work fast & efficiently, the seal length should be about 10% longer than the bag opening.


The Audion Eco sealer gives you as end-user the following benefits

To precisely adapt the sealing time to the used type of film
Solid design:
Reliable in use
Easy to use:
Quick to deploy - plug and play
Knife option:
For operating from tubular film, to create your own bags at any length. Further: residual film above the 2 mm seal can easily be cut off.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Eco sealer with Audion film

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Videostill Ecosealer

The Eco sealer in action

This entry-level manual impulse sealer works easy and fast. You can seal the desired packaging in no time. Just press the sealing arm or “jaw” down and you have successfully created your first seal – plug an play.

The Audion Eco sealer uses an impulse of electricity to heat up a metal wire that melts (seals) one layer of plastic to the other. This creates a permanent seal that can only be broken by cutting it open later (or ripping it open, for the impatient among us).

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