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Compact semi automatic table-top heat sealer ideal for sealing laminated film types. Seal time and seal temperature can easily be adjusted on the digital control panel. A consistent strong crimped 13 mm profile seal effectively prevents delamination of the film and ensures the quality conservation, protection and preservation of your products. Not suitable for sealing polyethylene.


Product information


The Audion Lamino - a powerful and reliable packaging solution for sealing laminated bags or coated paper bags, aluminium, PP or cellophane films. Not suitable for sealing polyethylene.

The Audion Lamino 302 is a smartly designed and compact semi-automatic table top heat sealer. The following features enable and ensure a consistent high seal quality to safeguard your products are protected and preserved:

  • Sealing time and sealing temperature (adjustable up to 200°C (+/- 5°C)) can accurately be set in the digital control panel equipped with LCD.
  • Constantly heated powerful seal bars perform high pressure and enable a strong reliable 13 mm crimped seal that effectively prevents delamination of the film.
  • The integrated temperature controller ensures a consistent seal result after each cycle.
  • A special “insertion edge guide” ensures that the profiled seal is always made straight and at the same position on the bag, creating a nice presentation of your packed product.
  • The seal process will only start when the seal bars have reached the pre-set temperature, preventing film waste and optimizing your packaging operation. 

Therefore, your products remain well protected for storage or transportation and are guaranteed of quality retention and extended shelf life.


The Audion Lamino gives you as end-user the following benefits

Strong seal:
13 mm crimped profile seal
High seal temperature:
Seal temperature is adjustable up to 200°C, making it suitable to seal thicker and more complex laminates.
Ease of operation:
Electronic foot pedal and easy to use LCD display
Digital control:
Facilitating to set a precise seal tempearture and ensuring a consistent seal quality
Insertion edge guide:
Ensures that the profiled seal is always made straight and at the same bag position, creating a nice presentation of your packed product.
Electrical foot operation and automatic opening after finish of seal cycle
Plug and play
Easily movable to other part of the area, plug in & seal!
Manual or automatic:
Manual by foot pedal or the sealing cycle will start automatically without pressing the foot pedal to have a higher output.
Built-in safety features:
Thermoelectric protections to avoid overheating and thermo fuse intervenes in the event of a fault in the electronic temperature control.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Audion Lamino with Audion film

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Accessories available

Worktable with bag support for Lamino

Worktable with bag support for Lamino

Worktable with bag support feature is designed to support the bag during the seal process and keep your hands free to properly position the film between the seal bars

Foot pedal Lamino

Foot pedal Lamino

Conveniently designed to optimize your workflow and enable an ergonomic operation.

Code seal Lamino

Code seal Lamino

Enables a permanent, tamper-proof imprint of brandname, date or batch information your package requires.


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Lamino 302 Coffeebag

The Lamino in action

The Audion Lamino is a plug and play semi-automatic heat sealer. Insert the plug in the wall socket, place the foot pedal on the work floor and connect it to the Audion Lamino and your are ready to make your first quality seals.

The Audion Lamino is a heat sealer meaning that it has a constant heat in both jaws. Heat sealers use power as long as the machine is turned on.  As a result, heat sealers possess better heat penetration in order to seal thicker materials. Therefore the Audion Lamino can seal cellophane bags, paper-aluminum, or other multilayered heat-sealable bags.

The sealer can be used by one operator using the manual mode (foot pedal) or automatic cycle. The control panel allows the operator to view and modify the operating parameters and/or settings. Two main menus can be displayed: Operational display, to display the operating parameters or Settings menu, to modify the operating settings.

The Audion Lamino has a very short heat-up time and the temperature can be set from 0 to 200 degrees. Thermoelectric protections to avoid the Lamino from overheating and the thermos fuse intervenes in the event of a fault in the electronic temperature control. These are just a two examples of the standard built in safety features of the Lamino heat sealer.

High quality semi-automatic heat sealer to seal thicker materials 

This reliable, compact hand held heat sealer ensures that we keep all our beautiful flavours at their best.
Florentina Petrut Director Kestar coffee S.R.L. - Romania
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