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Hand-operated heat sealer fully constructed of stainless steel, making it a hygienic sealer, ideal for packaging delicate food products. The GPS sealer meets all quality standards used in food industry and offers you a versatile and compact packaging system, producing a strong 1 mm bag cut-off seal. Ideal in combination with GPS bags.


Product information


The GPS stainless steel heat sealer has been specifically designed for food, medical and laboratory applications where hygiene, health and safety criteria require an easily cleaned, moisture resistant and non corrosive sealer.

This compact table top heat sealer is operated by closing the upper seal bar and holding it down for sealing as long as needed for your film. Combining the GPS sealer with one of the worktables and special GPS bags will even offer you a smart and compact packaging system suitable for packaging high volumes manually.

The GPS heat sealer is available in two sizes 200 and 300 mm both made out of stainless steel. The seal bar of the GPS is constantly heated which allows you to work fast, safe and flexible.   


The Audion GPS gives you as end-user the following benefits

Easy to use, the GPS is a typical plug and play machine. No comprehensive training is needed.
The stainless steel construction gives you no pores or cracks to harbor dirt, grime or bacteria, stainless steel lets soap and water do all but the toughest cleaning jobs. Cleanability is a must in relation to packing vulnerable products like food.
GPS is built for the future and saves manufacturers from extra challenges as they work to meet the increasing demand for sustainable packaging such as recyclable foil structures. With the GPS constant heat sealer you are flexible in materials which you prefer to seal.
Packaging your food products with the GPS bags offers you a smell-free packaging due to the extra film barriers integrated in GPS bags
Attractive appearance
Combining the GPS sealer with the special GPS fresh holding bags provides you an optimal high-glance presentation of your products.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the GPS with Audion film

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Accessories available

GPS Fresh bags

GPS Fresh bags

Transparent, crystal clear polyprolylene bags, suitable for packing fresh food products.


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GPS in action

The GPS is the ideal constant heat sealer for small food producing companies like bakery, seafood stores, fruit & vegetables, meat and poultry.

Over the years Audion has supplied the GPS all over the world so don’t be surprised when you are abroad and your local produced food will be packed by a GPS. The main advantage of the GPS is that it is “idiot-proof” and therefore you can’t go wrong. The GPS has proven his value over and over in different climates and challenging working conditions.

Using ready-made bags, the GPS sealer can be used to seal all kinds of sealable films such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Cellophane and thin laminate films.

Due to the sophisticated shape of the continuously heated seal bar,  when using P.E. and/or P.P. bags the residual film can be easily "torn off". The GPS sealers are ideal for packing all kinds of different products where little working space is available.
The GPS sealers are easy to operate by pushing the sealing arm downwards. By opening the arm again, the sealing cycle is completed.

When you pack fresh high quality fish you can't gamble and need to use the best quality packaging machine ensuring the integrity of your products in order to serve your customer best.
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Professional range of impulse sealers with different sized models and options.

D 545

D 545

Compact tabletop vertical/horizontal band sealer for sealing ready-made bags

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