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The most simple manual bagging machine. Equipped with a support for mounting your desired filling chute. The filling chute needs to be covered with tubular film to produce quick and efficiently filled bags. Easy and light-weight operation by pressing the seal arm to start the cycle.


Product information


The Audion Pandyno packaging machine uses a magnetic locking mechanism and is designed to operate in a wide range of industries. Multiple chutes in different sizes are available and can be mounted to the Pandyno to increase productivity.

The Pandyno has a large sealing arm opening which allows you to pack more and larger sized products. The sealing arm is equipped with a cold cutting wire making a straight 5 mm seal and cutting the bags in the middel of the 5 mm seal to separate the filled bag from the new bag. By this operation both the upper side of the filled bag and the bottom side of the next bag are sealed simultaneously, resulting in less action from the operator side and a higher packing output.

The Pandyno is standard supplied with a seal timer, cool timer, cutting wire and adjustable work table. Only a well sized chute for your product needs to be selected. 


The Audion Pandyno gives you as end-user the following benefits

Magnetic closure:
User-friendly and reliable, ensures consistent seals independent of the operator.
Cold cutting wire:
Achieves a clean straight cut to separate the first bag from the next one.
Two seal timers:
For ultimate adjustment of sealing and cooling time to your film thickness.
The topseal and the bottom seal of the next bag are created simultaneously.
Life span:
The clever construction and sturdy design provides a long-term reliability and long life span.
Operation costs:
Low, worldwide spare parts are available, no high technical knowledge required for maintenance.
Large seal arm opening:
Enables you to pack larger sized products.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Pandyno with Audion film

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Accessories available

Support for Pandyno

Support for Pandyno

Support for Pandyno designed to optimize the workflow and to increase the ergonomics


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Videostill Pandyno2

Pandyno in action

The Pandyno is an manual fill and seal machine, with tubular material rolled up onto the filling chute. By inserting the products into the filling chute, the product will descend due to its own weight, taking the tubular material with it. Once the product has fallen in the bottom of the bag, the seal cycle can be started by pushing the sealing bars.


The sealing bars will be held in closed position by a magnet which ensures a consistent seal independent of the operator. Once the sealing process is finished it will unlock automatically.

Sealing and cooling time can be set with the two individual timers to match with your bag material and product. The adjustable bag support will help you obtain the required length of the bags.

This reliable, compact hand held heat sealer ensures that we keep all our beautiful flavours at their best.
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